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Food Heaven! For Jacob.

For Jacob, our Grandson – he came to spend a week in Hornsea with us, and, as always, he expects his favourite food to be served up on his plate.  Luckily his diet expectations haven’t changed much since he was about 3 years old, and now, at almost 14 years, and taller than me,  he […]

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Masterchef 2030?

Along with most of the UK, March was spent in our new house in Hornsea trying to keep warm.  Attempts at creating our new Kitchen Garden were thwarted by the vicious hard frosts and icy winds sweeping in from the North Sea.  Then I got the call – “Don’t suppose you’re doing anything the week […]

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Healthy and tasty Hummus

Hummus: Recipe

HUMMUS (or Houmous, however you like to spell it, it tastes gorgeous). This Hummus Recipe will give you a brilliant and healthy dish of Middle Eastern origins, loved by adults and children alike. So says my 8 month old grandaughter, Tilly, relishing her first course of Hummus and mini-crispy breadstick.  Her twin, Bella, out of […]

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