Hummus is Yummy, Granny (plus Recipe)

Hummus is Yummy, Granny

“Hummus is yummy, Granny”.

At least I think that’s what my 8-month old grandaughter, Tilly, was trying to get me to understand.  I had a brilliant morning the other day, feeding her and cuddling her Twin sister, Bella, who had a bad cold.  Must confess, I must be a messy feeder, because when I got home, I realised that my jumper was covered in almost as much Hummus as Tilly’s face. Both girls are adventurous eaters, not suprising that their Mum makes a lot of their meals herself. This Hummus was going to be followed by home-made Moroccan  Lamb.  What a brilliant Mum they have. (And their Dad’s not so bad, either). To be honest, they almost eat better than Erik and myself.

Anyway, back to the Hummus.

Hummus is a very popular Middle Eastern dish, a type of dip, and is eaten avidly by both adults and children (see photo of my granddaughter above). Tilly and her twin sister like their Hummus served with a mini dipping stick, and no doubt will love crunchy carrot fingers  as well when they have a few more teeth.  Hummus is a great dish to get children used to, as all sorts of vegetable sticks and chunks can be added, such as raw broccoli, cauliflower, baby sweetcorn, mange tout and sugar-snap peas, and peppers of all colours.

For us adults, serving Hummus with Crudites, sticks of carrot, celery, peppers etc, and crusty bread chunks, toasted or freshly made wholemeal pitta, makes a great, healthy snack or lunch.  Erik and I love popping up to the Kitchen Garden a few minutes before lunch to pull up a few baby carrots.  Just give them a swish under the tap, a gentle scrub if necessary, and you’ll be overwhelmed by the sweetness of the carrots mixed with the savory flavour of the Hummus.

So Hummus is definitely yummy, and healthy too.  For the recipe, please click here.


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