How Happy is Archie, stirring my Granola?

How happy is Archie?

Very happy indeed, as he loves anything to do with cooking.

Archie had to come and stay with Grandpa Erik and me unexpectedly when his little sister was rushed to hospital the other week.

He hadn’t spent that much time on his own with us, but apart from worrying and missing his little sis (who’s now fine) he settled down brilliantly.

He takes after his older brother Jay, who loves cooking and helping, and here he is mixing honey and oil into the start of my great Granola, which gives me the energy to last the day out.  After the Granola had been baked to a golden crisp in the oven, and the dried cranberries and blueberries had been added, a few cooled, crisp lumps were left on the chopping block.

Guess who stretched out his hands and scooped the oats, nuts and fruity bits up and popped them straight into his mouth.  Yes, you’re right.  Smiling, he uttered those wonderful words that all Grannies love to hear:

“Not bad, Granny.”

Praise indeed!!



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