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The Best Designed Cookbooks in the World?

The Best Designed Cookbooks in the World? Are you intrigued by the title of this post? The Best Designed Cookbooks in the World? When there are thousands upon thousands of cookbooks being printed every year, who on earth decides which books are the finest?  The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards have been compared to the “Oscars” […]

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Mousserons, the culinary forest adventure in a car park

For decades Astrid and I have been immersed in  all things foodie. The complexity of flavours, the challenge of marrying love, skill, respect for ingredients and visual flair, sourcing rare recipes and their components and, well, you get the picture. So when someone says “and then you add…” we always hope to hear a new […]

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Michelin Guide’s Award to The Pipe and Glass – ‘Pub of The Year’

So thrilled the Michelin Guide has awarded the title of ‘Pub of the Year’ to East Yorkshire’s very own first gastropub to win a Michelin star, The Pipe and Glass, at South Dalton, north of Beverley. Having eaten there recently (review forthcoming), I know just how atmospheric the ancient building is and how friendly the […]

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