Food Heaven! For Jacob.

For Jacob, our Grandson – he came to spend a week in Hornsea with us, and, as always, he expects his favourite food to be served up on his plate.  Luckily his diet expectations haven’t changed much since he was about 3 years old, and now, at almost 14 years, and taller than me,  he still asks me to cook his favourite foods.  So by the time he arrived, our fridge and kitchen cupboards were filled to bursting with chicken, sausages, broccoli, carrots, cheese slices, peppers, cucumber and chocolate brownies.  From the following pictures, you can see that we spoil him (food wise that is), but he loves platefuls of raw salad vegetables, so hopefully that counteracts the ‘fun food’ that he enjoys.  We don’t see him very often, so it’s always a special treat for all of us.

Jacob had obviously been reading our food blog, because one of his requests for Food Heaven was to go to the Hornsea Mere Cafe for Breakfast – one of the items on the blackboard being Hot Dogs and Chips.  Never would we give him this for breakfast at home, but in this brilliant setting overlooking the Mere it somehow seemed a good, fun idea.  And I must admit, the hot dog looked incredibly appetising.  Jacob certainly enjoyed it. Jacob with his dream breakfast - Hot Dogs & Chips.
Jacob with his dream breakfast – Hot Dogs & Chips.

The next picture is of me helping Jacob to shake his favourite Tomato Sauce out of the bottle.  We had a discussion, initiated by Jacob, that his propensity for Tomato Sauce on most things was a very good idea, given the findings by scientists and doctors that Tomato Sauce helps prevent Prostate Cancer in men.  Jacob should definitely not have to worry about that in his old age!! Helping Jacob to his daily fix of Tomato Sauce
Helping Jacob to his daily fix of Tomato Sauce

After Breakfast, we ambled around the Mere.  I had broken up some bread so that we could feed the hundreds of geese, ducks and various birds that flock to the lake.  I suggested that Jacob would like to feed the hordes of birds, and handed the bread bag to him.  Bit of a mistake, really. Jacob backing into the Mere, surrounded by the birds.
Jacob backing into the Mere, surrounded by the birds.

So many birds made a beeline for Jacob and the bread, sort of rounding him up so that he was pushed backwards towards the Mere.  Erik and I were getting a bit worried that Jacob would actually end up in the Mere, so we decided to rescue him.  The fabulous birds surround anyone with a plastic bag of bread, and nibble the backs of your legs (very gently), but it can be a bit intimidating the first time.  As the bread thrower moves around the lake, hundreds of these birds run around and run towards you.  It’s an incredible sight! Having a paddle in the sea
Having a paddle in the sea

We all took the dogs out to the beach and ended up having a paddle to cool us off.  Jacob drew his name in the sand for posterity (until the next tide came in).  We are so lucky that this beach is a 5 – 6 minute walk from our house.

The next Food Heaven for Jacob was a return to Hornsea Mere for a Regatta.  It was a beautiful summer evening, and the Mere was thronged with families, the very young to the very old and lots in between, to enjoy the Regatta.  The cafe had geared itself up and was selling local ice-cream, locally brewed beer and great hamburgers.  We all enjoyed a big, juicy hamburger.  A couple of days later, we had an outing to Filey, a bit further up the coast.  For Jacob, this time Food Heaven was Sausage and a Chip Butty (but he couldn’t finish it all). Food Heaven - fun-in-a-bun.
Food Heaven – fun-in-a-bun.

So, although it looks like we are very awful grandparents, feeding our grandson in a very unhealthy way, in between all his ‘Fun Food’, there was a great deal of healthy food being eaten.  One of his favourite lunches was Cheese on Toast, but over half the plate has to be filled with peppers, cucumber, crunchy raw carrot etc.

And for Jacob’s final evening meal with us, his last Food Heaven, he requested Chicken Breast, roasted, with Mashed Potatoes, Broccoli and Carrots, and my gravy.  One of my proudest accolades is that according to Jacob, I make the best gravy ever.  That makes my day.  And to finish off his last evening, the three of us sat and watched Jacob’s favourite programme, Top Gear.  OK, we spoil him for a week, but he’s such good company, and we have such fun.

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