Happy thoughts …

Happy thoughts …

Yesterday was a strange day for me. I love writing our blog, but for the first time yesterday I just couldn’t find any inspiration at all for writing – wierd or what!  I almost panicked! What if all my inspiration has dried up – I feel like I’ve just started on this adventure so I don’t want it to finish.

But imagine my relief when I woke up this morning (at my usual 5.00am time), recipes and reviews and cookware coursing through my head as usual (Erik says I’m sad!) and was raring to go.  Hurrah!!

Happy Thoughts ……. Welcome Back.

So to celebrate I am going to some of my favourite pictures, pictures that make me happy and make me realise what my life is all about.  Hope you enjoy them.

This first one was Christmas at our house about 4 years ago, 2007. Christmas Dinner was served about 4.00pm, and Amelia and Jay were given the task of lighting the hundred of candles we used in our dining room.  The picture is magical – it always makes me smile.

Lighting Christmas Dinner Candles - Amelia & Jay

Jay peering through our Runner Bean

The picture here in our Kitchen Garden is our Runner Bean plants, which were beginning to resemble a jungle.  And if you look closely in the middle, a little face and hand is peering through – Jay, our eldest grandson, who loves nothing better than picking and eating raw Runner Beans.

Jay lives in West Yorkshire, and luckily we see him quite often. If, in summer, he knows he is going to come and stay, he’ll instruct Erik and myself to save him loads of vegetables to pick.  He loves helping, and eating them raw.  Baby Carrots, Mange  Tout, Sweet Peppers, Cucumbers and Runner Beans – very healthy for him.

Fizzi opening the door


This (although not a brilliant-quality photo) is one that always makes people smile.

Fizzi, our younger Airedale terrier, figured out how to open the door to the garden, and often lets herself out. She also lets herself back in, but hasn’t yet mastered the art of shutting the door, which is a bit of a nuisance.

Hopefully time will teach her that new skill!!


This next photo is one of my favourites, one to give me Happy Thoughts. It is of grandson Jay, and his brother, Archie.  There is about 9 years age difference, but they are extremely close.  Lovely to see.

Jay and Archie - Brothers in Arms

The next two photos are very special as well.  My two little Twinnies, my grandaughters, were born in August.  Erik and I paid a flying visit last week, and were met by two tiny girls who are now smiling! It was brilliant.  And they are just one big happy family.

Granny, Dad and his girls.

Dad cuddling his daughter

OK.  My little grandaughter has sussed me out.

I was talking to her, as granny’s do, and she started laughing and smiling and it just made my day.

I think she’s hanging on to her Dad, looking so happy, and it is just a lovely photo.  The Twinnies grow so quickly, and each time we see them, the difference is enormous.

So there you are.  Pictures which have filled me full of Christmas Spirit, filled me with Happy Thoughts of my family (and animals) and what Christmas is all about.


So now, on with the blogging, the Christmas Recipes, more about Cookware, Books, Kitchen Gardens etc.  Watch this space for more than just Happy Thoughts.




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