Mousserons, the culinary forest adventure in a car park

For decades Astrid and I have been immersed in  all things foodie. The complexity of flavours, the challenge of marrying love, skill, respect for ingredients and visual flair, sourcing rare recipes and their components and, well, you get the picture. So when someone says “and then you add…” we always hope to hear a new word. It’s what we are. There’s a defining clue in the title of our blog.

Last week we heard “mousseron”. Someone said the word. We didn’t just hear it like early onset foodentia.  “It’s a delicate, deep flavoured mushroom that grows in clusters, in the magical fairy rings you find in misty forests.”  Ok, I added the word misty. An adventure of quest began.

Far from the shaded dell of a medieval forest, we braved the howling winds and driving rain (June in England) at the Humber Bridge car park Farmers’ Market where we met the lovely people from Autumn Harvest – lovers and purveyors of all things funghi. And there was “Mousseron”. To read more and share  our food adventure, see recipe ideas, find links to other mushroom stories and find out the best books on how to find them in the wild (Carluccio calls it The Quiet Hunt”) or just  buy them and cook them CLICK HERE.


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