Yorkshire Puddings plus Recipe – Who can resist them?

Yorkshire Puddings plus Recipe – Who can resist them?

Last Sunday morning, we actually had a smidging of SUN! Woolly jumpers were flung off, t-shirts put on and into the garden Erik and I ran, before the sun changed its mind.  We have quite a big garden, as well as the Kitchen Garden, so we like to keep on top of it and enjoy working at all the tasks when the weather is kind to us. I am definitely a fair-weather gardener – I hate the damp and wet, but when it is warm and, dare I say it, SUNNY, I’m out there and love it.  Erik painted windowcills, and pottered about, and I watered and fed my tomatoes and courgettes, planted out some small lettuces, planted up my Chervil and Tarragon and tidied up the flowers in the main garden.  All going well.

So we were working happily for 2 or 3 hours, then the sun went behind a cloud and stayed there. OK, we thought, but its still warm. Keep working.   Then the fluffy white clouds were covered up by low, heavy, threatening dark grey monsters of clouds, which seemed to be heading our way from every direction.

Fizzi enjoying the sunshine outside.

We looked at each other, then at the dogs, Fizzi and Daisy, who had been enjoying the early warmth of the sun. The dogs looked at us as if we were stupid, then they went inside. “I think we’d better follow them in, if we don’t want to get wet,” said Erik.

So in we went, at about 3.00 o’clock.  The dark descended all around us, then the rain came. Not just rain, but hail and bouncing rain – a real Monsoon.  Incredible.

“Oh well, you won’t have to water the garden again for a few days,” Erik mused.  “What’s for tea?  I’m starving after being outside.”

Yorkshire Puddings have risen up high!

So in mid-June, supposedly mid-summer when the Barbecue should be working overtime, it was Yorkshire Puddings – we couldn’t resist them.  Comfort Food.  I cooked Roast Beef, Yorkshire Pudding, Roast Potatoes and Carrots.  But in Yorkshire, we always start our meal with individual Yorkshire Puddings and Gravy, then I make one more to share with the main meal.

My Recipe was given to me by my lovely ex-Mum in Law, Win, who is sadly no longer with us. She was an amazing cook, in her tiny little kitchen, and she created dishes that even to this day, when I think of them, my mouth waters.  Her Yorkshire Pudding recipe was different in that she always used Strong White Bread Flour, which made the outside meltingly crisp and the inside just plain gorgeous. She used an egg per person (plus one extra if the eggs were small), 3/4 milk and 1/4 water, good amount of pepper and good pinch of salt.  Lots of oil or fat in the dishes, the oven turned up to a very high heat so that the oil is smoking, put the pudding mixture in, watch the puddings rise high, then gradually turn the heat down in stages.  The individual puddings, about 4 or 5 inch diameter tins, take about 30/35 mins.  They are to die for.

Erik’s Yorkshire Pudding and Gravy

My claim to fame is that through Erik’s work with Youth Theatre, he had two plays that won national competitions, and were performed at the National Theatre in London.  Whilst we were at the National, Erik realised that one of his writing idols was there, the film star/director/writer Bryan Forbes, with his wife, Nanette Newman.  Erik spent some time with Bryan, who had loved Erik’s play, then I was introduced to Nanette, who had just written another cookbook.  One thing led to another, and she asked me to send Win’s Yorkshire Pudding recipe to her, and in return she sent me her cookbook.  So who knows if Nanette and Bryan eat Win’s Yorkshire Pudding recipe.  It’s a nice thought.

And the Yorkshire Puddings – they were just amazing!


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  1. steve dodd June 7, 2019 at 7:51 pm #

    where is the recipe

  2. Astrid September 25, 2019 at 12:03 pm #

    Hi Steve with apologies – here it is.…-can-resist-them/
    Regards Astrid.

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