Pies, Piety and Sausage on the Second Day

Astrid and I set off on one of our food adventures yesterday. It’s what we do. There’s a clue in the title of our blog. But we don’t just snorfle our way through the forest like truffle seekers. We layer and interweave our journeys with other experiences.

Yesterday the wind from the Humber river whipped our coat tails into the grand arch of Hull’s Holy Trinity Church. A little-heralded medieval church in the Old Town that boasts the earliest example of ecclesiastical brickwork in Britain and a regular beer festival behind the altar (really). We also found some beautiful stained glass masterpieces and a hoodie person playing bongos in the choir stalls. You can see why we have these adventures can’t you – it’s never dull in Hull, as they say –or indeed anywhere that we keep our eyes and ears open for ‘hidden remarkables’.

After parting with our pocket money in the thank you box and praying for the bongos to break, we continued across the empty market square (Northern towns should have proper markets. Now that’s a top ten listing Hull can’t boast, unlike Social Deprivation Number 9, UK).

19, Trinity House Lane. Pie. Also called @thehullpie on twitter and Facebook. No more than 25 metres from God’s great architecture is one of God’s great gifts. A secular temple to the handcrafted pie fashioned by priest of pastry, Matt Cunnah. In the middle of a global recession, this 20-something year old was brave enough to open a brand new business making and selling imaginative, premium quality, hand-made pies, soups, sausage rolls and sweet treats. He started only five months ago and he has already had to close and re-open to extend his trade with an upstairs dining room for those who don’t wish to scurry off with their boxes of booty.

Slow-roasted BBQ pulled pork. Roast chicken, stuffing and lemon thyme. Roasted butternut squash and veggie sausage. Sausage, chorizo and borlotti bean. PIES. Do you want to add gravy, mash, garden peas, rosemary potatoes (yes, we did) or honey glazed carrots? And prices that start at under £3 (yes, really, including gravy). And then there was the squidgy, lemony, sweet thing we couldn’t resist. And two chutney and cheddar sausage rolls (one each is enough for lunch) which we ate today with our home-made red cabbage and sultana pickle.

Visit PIE. Call them from anywhere in the world on +44  (o)1482 224405. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook- they post the new specials every day. Say a prayer for them and check out the bongo player. Pies, Piety and Sausage on the Second Day. Share our adventures.


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