Cake Decorator? Moi? Ask Peppa Pig

Cake Decorator? Moi? Ask Peppa Pig.

Just a very quick post to tell you about the anxed I went through when asked to make Peppa Pig cake for my lovely grandaughter, Emily’s, 3rd birthday.

Emily – Pink Birthday Girl

Just because I have always loved cooking doesn’t mean I can decorate cakes.  Or even make unusual ones.  Cake decorator? Moi? No. I’m good with colour, ideas, all sorts, and my cookshop even had an upstairs Cake Decorating department, but I am fairly useless myself at cake decorating, so was filled with trepidation.  Not wanting to let Emily and her very busy Mum down, I went on Twitter and confessed my tormented thoughts. And thank goodness an angel came to my rescue. A lovely lady (I think) going by the Twitter name ‘@penwizard’.

@penwizard must have sensed my fear, and sent a big line-drawing of the formidable Peppa Pig, as well as step by step instructions, and wished me luck.  So it was last week (after Erik copying the line-drawing to the right size) that I stirred and whisked and baked and cooled,  then with scissors and knife managed to cut my rectangular sponge into a not bad copy of the shape of Peppa Pig.

I was over the moon.  I couldn’t believe that I was so capable.  Then, the next morning, I mixed and dripped pink icing all over the kitchen countertop, floor, and on me, stuck pink chocolate drops round the side, mixed red icing for Peppa’s skirt and yellow for her boots.  Emily’s brief to me was “A Peppa Pink cake, Granny, and also with blueberries and strawberries.”  So blueberries went around the boots and strawberries … well, by then so sticky and covered in icing myself, I decided strawberries would be just plonked around Peppa Pig.

Next – the big decision.  How to get Peppa Pig in one piece in the car and drive all the way to the campsite at Whitby, where Emily and her family were celebrating her birthday.  Erik’ practicalities came in handy, and we put most of our luggage on the back seat, leaving lots of room for Peppa Pig and a chocolate cake to travel in comfort in the boot of our car.

Peppa Pig & Chocolate Cake travelling in style

Now I’m not saying Jane Asher will be worrying that she has a rival in the cake decorating stakes, but I must admit, I was fairly pleased with myself, and Emily herself seemed impressed. And thought it looked like Peppa Pig. Hurrah. But it will be a while before I add cake decorating skills to my CV.

And Cake Decorator Moi?  Ask Peppa Pig.  I could swear I heard a friendly “Oink, oink.”

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  1. Dr Dawes July 11, 2012 at 11:01 pm #

    I posted a picture of the cake in my mummy’s group on Facebook, they all loved it! And not only did it look great,it tasted fab too. I think Emily was very happy with it.

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