“Your Brick Oven – Building it & Baking in it”

 “Your Brick Oven – Building it & Baking in it”

Time to write a book review – this time about brick ovens, how to build it and bake in it.

Brilliant book for aspiring builders and owners

It’s 6.45am on a grey September morning in East Yorkshire, and I’m sitting in our office at the top of the house, at my computer, in my dressing gown, refreshing my memory flicking through the pages of “Your Brick Oven – Building It & Baking In it” by Russell Jeavons.

All of a sudden the sky didn’t look so grey and bleak – I was transported (mentally, not physically) to Australia, to a quirky house with an outdoor kitchen where the author is carrying out various stages of building a brick oven and a cooking area, and he made it look so easy that I felt inspired all over again.  The section on firing up and cooking food, along with great recipes, tempted me even more.

Click here to read a full review of the book.

Your Brick Oven – Building It & Baking In It” Click for more information and to buy.



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