From Wooden Spoon to Table

Fabulous Christmas Tree Light
Holographic Christmas Tree Light
John Lewis

From Wooden Spoon to Table is the best way I could describe the variety of goods John Lewis has for us this Christmas.

This being a food blog (and a bit of everything else occasionally), I wanted to find everything you need to help you cook the most brilliant Christmas Dinner – and then how to make your Christmas table look stunning.

Start at the very beginning.
Take a wooden spoon and a bowl ……
Bakeware from John Lewis

Talking about Bakeware is no chore for me – I love everything John Lewis has in store, from the most basic wooden spoon right through to big mixing bowls and roasting tins – and all things in between.  You name it, they’ve got it – from the tiniest holly cutter, copper cutters (want those!), even a boxed set of cutters from Alessi!  Scales, rolling pins, cake tins for tiny cakes up to huge Christmas Cake, decorative cake boxes, whisks, turntables, measuring jugs and more types of baking tins than even I have in my kitchen.

Click here to be taken to a baker’s emporium of almost everything you’ve ever wanted for baking.

Your Christmas Tablee
A beautiful table setting.
Tableware at John Lewis

What a brilliant selection of both Christmas Tableware and Christmas Table Linen and Accessories there is to be found at John Lewis.  Depends how much you want to match your decor or colour scheme.  Maybe you want trendy designer stylish tableware, or the fabulous miss-mash of traditional Christmas colours to grace your breakfast and dining table.  Again, something for everyone.  The tableware includes pieces by Sophie Conran for Portmeirion, and the traditional Portmeirion Christmas  plates and serving dishes.  Using your usual simple, stylish plain plates topped with a Christmas patterned plate makes for a very special table.

Click Here to have a look at the superb Christmas Tableware at John Lewis

Click Here to have a look at the stylish, more simple Tableware at John Lewis

The Christmas Table Linen and Accessories includes tablecloths, runners, serviettes, napkins and rings and placemats. Some of these have been themed to help you put together a specific look.  But again, you can mix these with a simple, plain tablecloth, topped with a colourful smaller cloth. I love cutting ivy from the garden, (making sure their are no little critters crawling on it), and draping it around candle sticks on the table.  I think that for me it’s an act of love creating a special Christmas Dinner table so that when my family and grandchildren walk into the room they go “Ooooh!” Sometimes, when money has been in short supply, I’ve used an old cheap necklace of big round red pearls twined in with holly or ivy, or twiggy bits from the garden.  Imagination is free at Christmas, and I love using it.

Click Here to muse over the Christmas Table Linen and Accessories at John Lewis.

How to make the party sparkle.
Sparkling for Christmas
Barware from John Lewis

Everything for your festive (and year-round) drinks whether it be festive fizz, celebratory champagne, stylish cocktails, special wine, local brewed beer or mineral water.  I never realised there were so many styles of wine coolers.  This Champagne (or wine or beer) Cooler below is an absolute stunner.

Champagne Cooler

Champagne Cooler by Culiary Concepts
at John Lewis

Glasses, corkscrews, cocktail shakers, juicers and pressers, mini fridges and coolers, wine racks, drinks cabinets and even bar stools!  Mustn’t forget gifts of Champagne, Spirits and Liqueurs.

Click Here to be amazed at the vast collection of barware from John Lewis.

Gifts to give (and eat).

Christmas Food Gifts
John Lewis

From a wonderfully inventive selection of  chocolate stocking fillers, including Reindeers, Angels and Santa to tins of buttery biscuits, boxes of rich dark chocolates, bottles of peaches and liqueurs right up to a bottle of vintage Port.  I can almost smell Christmas already, writing this.

Click Here to take a look at all these Edible Christmas Gifts from John Lewis.

Wrap, wrap and more wrap!

It’s all wrapped up
at John Lewis

Spoilt for choice is the expression that comes to mind as I browsed the ‘Finishing Touch’ page at John Lewis.  Gift Wrap accessories, curling tape, Raffia, wrapping paper, bags, boxes and even ‘make your own’ sets of wrapping bits and pieces to make an individual offering to family and friends gifts.  Pages and pages of lovely colours and sizes to add the ‘Finishing Touch’ to your offerings at Christmas.

Click Here to go and have a look at this wide choice of superb wrapping and curling and decorating Gift Wrap.


Beautiful Baubles.
Beautiful Baubles to die for ……

Last, but certainly not least, are the Christmas decorations, especially the beautiful Baubles.  I personally just love the colours of the baubles in the picture above, but then I was having a look at the huge selection of decorations in the John Lewis Christmas section, and I saw so many different types and colours of decorations for Christmas that I felt like throwing all my old ones out and starting again. But …… that would be foolish but I could just buy one or two new ones a year, couldn’t I?

Click Here and prepared to be amazed at the sheer choice and colour and shape and size of John Lewis’s Christmas Decorations.


So I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey ‘From Wooden Spoon to Table’ and find it useful.  Enjoy creating your food for Christmas, and let your imagination gloriously explode when you design your dining table for Christmas.  

Have fun XX.

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