Who wants Two Starters?

Me – after not eating much for a week, last night was definitely the time for two starters for my evening meal.

Wild Salmon Pate with Crispy Ciabatta Fingers

Luckily Eric agreed with me, and asked me if I had any idea what I wanted to eat. As it happens, I had already decided. Earlier in the day I had been rifling through the fridge and freezer trying to get some inspiration and realised that all the ingredients were in situe for a Wild Salmon Pate and a Melon and Bresaola  antipasti platter – nothing too heavy or spicy, and guaranteed to get my tastebuds working again.


The Wild Salmon Pate recipe is made with both fresh salmon (we had bought some lovely half-priced Wild Salmon from Waitrose the day before), and with smoked salmon trimmings, which I had taken out of the freezer earlier.  It’s a great recipe, made with half Greek yoghurt, half single cream, so not too rich, and it freezes well.

Mouthwatering Melon & Bresaola Platter

The Melon and Bresaola Platter is one of those dishes you can just throw together – providing you have the basic melon and some Italian or Spanish meats. I really love the juicyness and sweetness of the ripe melon when mixed with subtle taste of Parma Ham, or Serrano Ham, or in this case, Bresaola.  Throw in some salad leaves (ours was Watercress and Rocket), and raid the fridge or shelves for olives, sun-dried or fresh sweet tomatoes, funghi and artichokes in olive oil, peppers – anything you feel like.  Then drizzle with a fruity olive oil (I love the peppery, spicy taste of oil from Tuscany) and just enjoy it.  I love serving it on a big platter, and throwing on as many bits and pieces that go well together, so that there is something for everyone to pick at.

Click here for the Wild Salmon Pate recipe

Sometimes, when we have decided on a day out or a food adventure, we both have enjoyed eating two starters for lunch, instead of a big main course (maybe it’s because we’re greedy and want to try two dishes instead of one – never thought of that one before!)   I really did enjoy the two starters for our evening meal, and it definitely made me feel like eating again.

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