We’re Back in Business!

We’re Back in Business!

Apologies!  Mea Culpa! So Sorry!


Because since April 2015 we have, for various reasons, had time away from our food blog,  Some of you know that last year I was suddenly diagnosed with the dreaded Breast Cancer, but after a very early diagnosis, and lucky enough to be in the catchment area of Castle Hill Hospital in East Yorkshire, I have been given the ‘all clear’.  I went through biopsies, even had a Titanium chip fitted, two lots of Chemotherapy, two tiny ops and Radiotherapy, which all resulted happily in me having just a tiny one-inch scar and two tiny tattooed dots on my chest to remind me of this happy result!

I naturally thought “Right.  All finished and back to normal!  Get back to work, digging the garden, wheeling my wheelbarrow piled high with topsoil all 250 feet from the front drive down the muddy path to my Kitchen Garden!  Decorate the house, plan the extension etc., etc!”

No way!  It took me months.  My energy trickled back into my body like a little dribble, but that dribble grew a bit bigger each month until recently, in about August, I realised  I was feeling almost back to my normal self.  Frustration sets in sometimes now when I realise that maybe I can’t garden for five hours non-stop, but as Erik reminds me, apart from having had a very scary year, I am no ‘spring-chicken’. My reply to him is ‘*&** **’ or something like that!  For the first time ever, I did find  my interest in food had dissipated, had been washed away by the ‘nasty but nice’ chemotherapy drugs which had tainted my mouth with dire tastebuds. But the good tastebuds are now returning, thank goodness!

Patio August 2015
Our patio August 2015

It has also been a sort of reflective time, and one that has left me so grateful, with the realisation that I’m looking at the world with a gently renewed vigour.  My hair has come back curly (?) for the first time ever. It was white at first, but is now my old (natural) colour, sort of pale brown with the odd silver hair. Eyelashes have grown back as long and curly as before (hurrah), eyebrows (always very fair before) are a bit non-existent, the left one having twice as many hairs as the right one! My nails don’t grow very long before they split, but I hide that with sparkly varnish. Although the chemo made me loose two stone, (which was great), I have only put three-quarters of a stone back, which I am determined to lose.  So I am very happy with my life now, and Erik is relieved for me too.

Another reason that we are back in business is that as I write this post we are finally getting an addition to our house. Almost two years ago we had plans done, permissions passed and were about to embark on an extension to the back of our house. Sadly that had to be put on hold. But no longer, with my clean bill of health.

Look what’s happening now.  A sort of Garden Room which will mainly become our Dream Kitchen with a Living Room area at one end.  Planning this has taken a lot of time, but when we downsized we did it with the knowledge that we had to add a bit more space.  Hope that sounds logical. So our Downsize has now become an Upsize!

Where's our patio gone?
Where’s our patio gone? Sept 2015

During my ‘lost year’, Erik tried so hard to give me encouragement, give me something to look forward to and something I could plan, even when I was going through the worst treatment.  So he gradually built raised beds for our Kitchen Garden, and I believe, at the last count, we have 8 raised beds plus a large potato patch (which I managed to dig this year).  So not bad going for a ‘lost year’.  First Earlies, Broad Beans, Runner Beans interspersed with Sweet Peas, Courgettes, Marrows, masses of Soft Fruits – all bringing us wonderful fresh and tasty meals straight from our garden.  No wonder my appetite has come back.

Clematis in Kitchen Garden
Clematis climbing up the Runner Bean raised bed.

So, we’re back in business! And raring to get back to the blog.  I had a bit of time recently looking back through ‘’, right back to 2011 when we started this whole project off, just to give me something creative to do.  I know that I have written a great deal of it, but reading some 0f the early posts surprised me. Did I really write all those words?  I didn’t know I could write like that – heavens, my old English teacher at Tranby school would be astonished if she could read my stories!  She didn’t have much faith in my story telling, and neither did I, if truth be told.  But, forgive me for this, I’m amazed at some of the posts.  Did I really write those? You bet I did!  To be honest, I find it amazing that a lot of our readers go back to the beginning of the blog and read so much of the early posts.  I hope I can make the posts over the next few years just as interesting.

You may ask yourself what on earth will we be writing about.  How’s about:

  • Step by step to a new extension.
  • Kitchens, Kitchens, Kitchens.
  • Right now, I’m planning how to fill the large, new empty room we have at the back of the house.  Dream Kitchen it will be (or our idea of a dream kitchen).  I trawled through the details of every range cooker, fridge, microwaves with steam, fitments and fittings etc and will write about the choices.
  • Lighting, paints, curtains, squashy sofas, industrial lighting and coffee tables.  We basically have almost a whole house to ‘tart up’.
  • Food, Food and yet more Food.  Anything to do with Food that we enjoy.
  • Kitchen Garden – yearning for a greenhouse, but the kitchen has to come first for now.
  • Joining on a Patio to the house (for eating outside, hopefully).
  • More planning of our Outdoor Kitchen, with room for my Wood-Fired Oven, Erik’s Barbecue, maybe even a sink and little fridge.  It’s still a couple of year’s away, but it’s getting nearer!
  • Recipes, Recipes, Recipes.

Without doubt, we are back in business, and no doubt, because my sleep clock has reverted to it’s usual early-morning wake-up call (approximately 5.15/5.30am, I will be here in my little office, in my warm dressing gown and probably ugg boots during winter, trying to compose an interesting post to entice more readers to follow us. But because I’ve re-discovered my addiction to words and writing, that will be no hardship.

It really is good to be back.  Thanks for being there. xx


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