The Virtue of Drinking Summer Wine

sharingourfoodadventuresIt is a fact of life that you cannot champion any cause without offending someone. So wine snobs please be prepared to send in your angry comments because I am about to champion not only a supermarket chain but also the blending of wines – and all at an entry level price bracket.

The thing is, believe it or not, it is almost Summer. A time of family, friends, fun and al fresco food enjoyed in relaxed outdoor surroundings. It is not a time to sip and savour by fireside and candle light. Light up the barbie and string up the fairy lights it’s time to pop a chilled bottle and quaff.

That’s why a major supermarket in the UK who shall remain un-named (Waitrose) have taken the initiative to ask suppliers in different wine regions around the world to come up with a range of tasty tipples at budget prices to suit the season.

This week I am focusing on the Australian Fruity &Refreshing Dry White at only £4.99 a bottle. It is a blend of mainly Chardonnays, unoaked and clean-tasting with a hint of soft pineapple undertones. All the way from the famed regions of Western Australia it is already making a big impression on our East Yorkshire patio.bottle

And here’s the bonus. The Virtue Concept. This is an environmentally conscious approach to wine making, minimising overland transport by carefull selection of ports, shipping in bulk, using lightweight glass and even packing the bottles in recycled outer boxes. Which is a great way to do business.

The main virtue for us, however, is that it tastes great and you can afford to share it generously. Each week I shall I shall be checking out a further wine in this range so do drop by again. For more information on Waitrose Direct Wines please click here.

Also you might want to check out a lovely blog written by our friend and advisor Tom Greef who is a Waitrose In-House Wine Expert.

STOP PRESS: 25% off San Leo Prosecco Brut Special Offer A superb sparkling summer drink.Great with fresh peach juice to make the famous Bellini prosecco For more information about Waitrose Bubbly click here.


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