Whittard of Chelsea

Whittard of ChelseaA specialist group of shops selling top quality Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate alongside Confectionery and Food, China, Gifts and Equipment – Whittards deliver to many different countries, including the USA and Canada.


Whittards have come up with some gorgeous gifts for this Christmas – my favourites being some of the teapots, which range from a teapot for one to a big 6-cup generous teapot.  They also have Christmas mugs with great designs.

Fun Christmas China from Whittards

Christmas Stocking 6-Cup Teapot

There so many different designs and sizes of Christmas Teapots and Mugs, so click here to have a look at the Whittards selection.


Whittards also have a huge selection of Christmas Gifts that are edible or drinkable,  my own favourites being Amaretti Biscuits in a Glass Jar, Cherry Swirly Lolly, Christmas Hot Chocolate in a Kilner Jar, Cinnamon Flavour Coffee Syrup and many more.  The designs and packaging are brilliant.


Chocolate Cookie Mix & Reindeer Cutter

Tea, coffee and chocolate are all catered for, alongside fabulous biscuits and chocolates and edible goodies, some to make yourselves.   Just too many to mention – the best thing to do is to have a look on the Whittards pages and see for yourself.  Have fun, I did.

Crunchy Amaretti Biscuits in Glass Jar

Cosy Hot Chocolate Gift - Gorgeous

Click here to see all the colourful Christmas Gifts from Whittards.


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