Riverford Organic

Riverford Organic

Asked if they could be one of Merchants, we have jumped at the chance.  Riverford Organic Vegetables began when Guy Watson started delivering his home grown organic vegetables to his friends.  Now, about 40,000 boxes a week of organic meat, fruit, vegetables and ‘goodies’ are delivered all over the country.  There is a big selection of organic food and drink products, and the boxes come in all sizes, from tiny to huge.

So click on the name above, to have a look at the site, and order your box.  We will be posting articles about the produce and company in good time.  And worth looking at right now is their Christmas selection.


Riverford Christmas Shop

Click Here for the Riverford Christmas Shop – full of organic goodies.

Organic meat is another speciality product from Riverford Organic.  Nowadays it is well worth eating slightly less meat, but meat of a better quality and from animals that have led a good life.

Succulent Organic Riverford Turkeys

Click here to have a look at the choices of Organic Meat from Riverford Organic

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