Tantalise Your Tastebuds

Tantalise Your Tastebuds


The definition of Tantalised, as I have always understood it, is “To desire something usually out of reach” – “usually” being the important word right now.

For those of us who are serious cook book addicts, the sight of a cook book with pictures so mouth-wateringly stunning that you almost want to lick the page, is the treat of all treats.  You just have to have it. No contest!

But what happens if you can’t?  As is the case of “On The Menu – Seasonal Recipes for a Culinary Life”.  Not right now.

On The Menu - Seasonal Recipes for a Culinary Life

This is the first cook book from James Mackenzie, who, just over a year ago achieved the ultimate accolade by becoming the first chef in East Yorkshire to win a Michelin star.  James and wife Kate took over ‘The Pipe and Glass Inn’ at South Dalton in 2006, and their hard work has more than paid off.  This autumn James, Kate and all their team were thrilled to  be awarded a Michelin star for the third time,  indeed worthy winners.

The Michelin Guide must highly rate The Pipe and Glass Inn because last month it awarded it the title ‘Michelin Guide Pub of the Year 2012’, beating last year’s winner, Heston Blumenthal’s pub.  No mean feat, but after having had an amazing taste of James Mackenzie’s skills (see Review) I’m not surprised.

So, to tantalise your tastebuds even further, “On The Menu” is about to be released – but not until early December.  (Just in time for Christmas, thank heavens.)

BUT – I am lucky to have had a sneak preview.

Bet you think all us food bloggers get all the fun!

NO.  It’s not really that.  But, as some of you know, I have close family connections with the designer and publisher of the award-winning “Black Pudding & Foie Gras” and now “On The Menu”, and after being allowed a 10-minute peek at the book at his office, it was whipped out of my hands with the comment “Oih, that’s the only copy until the others come – you’re not having that.”

But he took pity on me, and has sent me some (dare I say it – some amazing pictures), photographed superbly by Jason Lowe). So he is tantalising me, and I, in turn, shall tantalise anyone who happens to be reading this.

As for the word ‘usually’ – well, all us cook book addicts will be able to satisfy our cravings when “On The Menu” is released in early December.

Until then, I will put one or two pictures on every day – sort of drip-feed you to keep you going.  Here’s the first one, to Tantalise Your Tastebuds.

Salad of St Georges Mushrooms

The official description of this dish is Warm Salad of St George’s Mushrooms, Baked Jersey Royals, Hazelnuts and Crowdie.

Bet you’re tastebuds are tantalised right now!

Watch this space almost every day for more pictures!!

Click Here for information on ordering “On The Menu” in early December, 2011,  from The Pipe and Glass Inn

Click Here to order signed copies of “On The Menu” (available from 10th December 2011) from Face Publications

Click Here for the Wikipedia story of Tantalus

Well, surprise, surprise.  Amazon has put the first delivery of stock out before the official date of 5th December, 2011.

So this has, in effect, negated my post.  But not to be churlish about it, I will give the Amazon link to you.

So, Click Here if you want the unsigned copy of “On The Menu” from Amazon.

I’m not quoting any price for “On The Menu” because Amazon change the prices day by day.

And I will keep posting new pictures from “On The Menu” to give you a tantalising preview.


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