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DAY TWOIn which I will share some more of the stunning pictures from Michelin star chef, James Mackenzie’s superb new cook book, “On The Menu”, which is about to hit the book stands.

About 2 days ago, I wrote a full post on the fact that I had been lucky enough to have a sneak preview of the stylish and substantial new cook book (Click here to read the post), and I promised that I would give you a preview of some of the mouth-watering pictures every few days, as a sort of ‘taster’.

So here is the first picture, which just makes me laugh.  The designer, Anthony, wanted to find a new way to portray the Chapter headings for such as Meat, Fish etc, and came up with a fun idea.  This one I really love, and my pet name for it is ‘Curly-Whirly Sheep’.

From "On The Menu" - introducing 'Sheep'

This next picture, as I sit here looking at it on my computer desktop at 7.30am is making me very hungry.  I swear I can smell the aroma of the Crispy Braised Lamb, seeping out of this superb picture.

Crispy Braised Lamb Shoulder with Spring Vegetable and Pearl Barley ‘Hotchpotch’

Mouth-watering picture of Crispy Braised Lamb Shoulder

So here are today’s pictures to tantalise your tastebuds and give you more of an idea of “On The Menu”. More in a couple of days.

Click Here for information on ordering “On The Menu” in early December, 2011,  from The Pipe and Glass Inn

Click Here to order signed copies of “On The Menu” (available from 10th December 2011) from Face Publications

So, Click Here if you want the unsigned copy of “On The Menu” from Amazon.

And I will keep posting new pictures from “On The Menu” to give you another tantalising preview.

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