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Food, Glorious Food.

Food, Glorious Food: Appetite’s back! Oh how I’ve longed for my appetite to return!  Food. glorious food?  You just try and be a food blogger when you just don’t fancy any food?  Virtually impossible to write about it when even your usual favourite foods make you feel ill!  However glorious it is.  So this blogger […]

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Tomato Ketchup Recipe: The tomato’s finest hour

Tomato Ketchup Recipe: The tomato’s finest hour The time: The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is a fall of tawny leaves and a breath of woodsmoke away. The garden vines are blushing a musk of passing summer and the bounty of tomatoes collects, more bruised and pulpy, in the pantry bowl. Oh, man, what […]

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