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Slow-Cooked Vegetables including Artichokes

Artichokes: More Recipes

I promised more recipes for Artichokes, well, here they are.  These are for the Globe Artichokes, not the Jerusalem ones, which will come later.  My little Artichoke plants are looking good, growing well in their peat pots, and will be planted out when big enough and the weather is warmer.  But that gives me loads of […]

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Artichoke Gros de Laon

Artichokes – Look great, taste great plus Recipes

Artichokes – Look great, taste great plus recipes is all about growing this wonderful, architectural plant that brings a stylish look to your garden, and the buds from this special plant taste fantastic as well. Planted my Artichoke seeds a few weeks ago, and right now they are sitting on my spare bedroom window, in […]

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Who wants Two Starters?

Me – after not eating much for a week, last night was definitely the time for two starters for my evening meal. Luckily Eric agreed with me, and asked me if I had any idea what I wanted to eat. As it happens, I had already decided. Earlier in the day I had been rifling […]

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