Beer Can Chicken Roaster Stand

It’s a beer can chicken roaster stand. It started life as an American barbecue thing or was it an Aussie open fire Billabong thing. We use a tray under neath with wine and herbs to moisturise our Sunday fowl favourite but for dedicated  hop glugg guzzlers here’s the original recipe in brief terms:

Drink one third can of beer, stuff can with herbs, put in tray. Take hold of stand.  Shove it up chicken. The wire conducts the heat inside. Shove a lemon in top cavity. Rub chicken skin with spice and oil. We used harisa.  Wack in at 220 c oven for 20 minutes and drop to 180 c. Or use a covered barbecue and approximate heat – start hot turn it down after.

18 minutes per 450g/ 1 lb in total. Skin like spiced parchment, flesh soooooo juicy. And we’ve found a proper stable roasting stand for (annoyingly) half what we paid for ours. Beat £4 if you can. Have a look here.

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