Sausage Making – Your Very Own Generation Game

Sausage making – your very own Generation Game.

With Christmas looming and the thought of present buying in mind, Astrid and I have come up with a winner. A gift that will amuse, provide family fun and festive food all in one present. And it costs less than £10.

It’s a sausage making kit. Incredibly easy to make, all you’ll need is 1.5kg of good quality minced meat and this kit to create approximately 20 perfectly piped sausages. Inside the box you’ll find 150g of seasoning mix, approx. 4m sausage casing, instructions and a grippy piping bag. Just imagine the laughs competing to make the best sausage or even take it seriously and add extra gourmet ingredients. It could be the beginning of a whole new hobby.

Astrid and I are going to round up the grandchildren and their mums and dads, dish out the aprons then around our kitchen table we are going to have a go and see what we can come up with.  Then we’ll eat them – maybe in a big squashy, floury bread bun, or in a comforting Sausage Casserole, overflowing with winter vegetable and full of onion gravy, to spoon over a plate of fluffy mashed potatoes. Oh, roll on winter!

So, why don’t you join us and have a go at ‘Sausage Making – Your Very Own Generation Game’.  Let us know how you got on.

To find out more:

£8.99 from Lakeland. Click to have a look.

Sausages- it’s the name of the game!

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