Refreshed, Revamped, Rechaufee’d …… Our New Look Blog!

It’s all happening.  This time last year we weren’t sure if we had sold our house, we hadn’t found ourselves a house to live in, our blog needed a firm hand to steer it in the right direction …… and we were sick of packing up all our worldly goods.  Let’s face it, in England  you have no real knowledge if your house sale is definitely going through until you get that ring from your solicitor on the actual  morning you are moving!  

But all that is behind us, and now we are very happily ensconced in Hornsea (albeit still living in chaos but with a glimmer of what could be in a few months time), and our food blog has been, as they say, ‘sorted’.  There are still a few tweaks to iron out, but the look is so fresh, and hopefully for all concerned, easier to navigate.

We are revamping The Emporium, the shopping side of the blog – we have been so busy recently that we haven’t done it justice.  But now we are really looking forward to renovating our whole house, creating a brand new kitchen and planning a lovely flower garden as well as starting a new Kitchen Garden, therefore we thought we would share with you our plans, our intensive research,(let’s face it, I just love looking for nice things, so this is not hard!), our quest for colours, fabrics, furniture, ovens, kitchen cupboards, shrubs and anything else we think will enhance our home and garden.  For some reason, we gained a lot of followers when I wrote the ‘Downsize Diary’, but now, instead of having to hear my moans about being tired of cleaning and packing etc, you can follow us, and our new look blog, on our joyous journey of creating our new home.  It won’t all happen at once, but bit by bit we will get there.

Therefore, as well as our present Merchants, we will be looking for two or three more, to compliment our original group.  As we enjoy writing so much on our new look blog, alongside the cookware companies, the foodie shops, the garden companies and the others, we hope to have some in the ‘lifestyle’, decor and design category.  After all, as Erik says, I really just want my own magazine.  He could be right!


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