The Proof of the Pudding ……

The Proof of the Pudding ……  is it in the eating?  

For new readers to our blog, early this year we left a huge Victorian house, with the most enormous kitchen, a 4-oven Aga and cupboards and worktops galore.  Now we live in a 1920s house, quite a bit smaller (thank goodness), but with a tiny kitchen.  Hopefully our dreams of knocking this room and next one into one big kitchen next year will solve that problem – watch this space for all the ideas and work that will take place.  But for this Christmas, my rickety stove and hob with its own ideas of when to work will have to suffice. 18 years ago, when just moved into our previous house, I had to cook Christmas dinner and a ‘gourmet’ dinner party on a 2-ring Baby Belling, so if I could do it on that, I (hopefully!) will be able to do it this year.

So the picture below is me happily finishing off my mince pies.  Erik and I have just eaten a warm one, just cooled from the oven, just to make sure they are OK.  And they are!!

Astrid preparing yet more mince pies.
Mincepies – the production line.

Because I used to own a cookshop (Kitchen Emporium in Beverley, East Yorkshire), I have every type of mini cutter going.  So making my Mince Pies uses up a lot of my ‘creative’ talent (or as I like to think of it, I just enjoy playing).  It’s even better when I have a grandchild to help choose and make the tops – the oldest, Jacob, was great when helping me,  but that wasn’t to be this year.  None of them are here to make them, but, even better, nearly all of them will be here to eat them this Christmas.  Sadly I don’t think we will see Jacob over Christmas this time, but “we will be thinking of you sunshine, and we will ring you.”

So the Proof of the Pudding really is in the eating, but, I think, also it’s in spending time making something for the folks that you love,  and as I have to make a selection of Mince Pies not only for Erik and family and visitors but also for Designer Son Ant, wife Amelia and twins Bella and Tilly, I make quite a lot.  But I bet they all get eaten.  Erik and I have to pack ours in tins as soon as they are cooled, otherwise we’d just eat the lot!

Hope you enjoy making and eating your Mince Pies as much as I do

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