Pictorial Story of Christmas

The Pictorial story of Christmas is a lovely reminder of the great time I had with my family, and my small grandchildren, Emily and Archie. And it was made even more remarkable for Erik and I as the 4 month old Twins, Bella and Tilly (along with their mum and dad) managed to pop in for a couple of hours as well.

Christmas Eve got off to a brilliant start, as Nic, my oldest son’s partner, arrived laden with food and goodies.  A huge, creamy Fish Pie, overflowing with gorgeous chunks of every fish imaginable, complete with hidden eggs so perfect that the golden yolks were just runny, more than filled us all up, and so began our Christmas feast.

But there is always a sting in the tale.  Just before the family arrived, Erik realised that the AGA had gone out.  Straddled flat out on the slate tiles, and muttering strong oaths uttered in the AGA’s direction, Erik worked his magic and the flames flared up again.  Then the AGA went out again!

Frantically Erik and I tried to figure out how to cook Paddy and Nic’s fabulous choice of an enormous Rib of Beef, plus the Turkey, vegetables and all the trimmings with just one small electric cooker and 2 radiant rings. “Have we still got the Baby Belling in the Attic?”, and “Have we any Gas for the Barbie?”, and “Can we fire up the Pizza oven for the Roast Potatoes etc?Yes, thankfully the Baby Belling was still in the Attic, and there was a bit of gas for the Barbie, and we could drag the Pizza oven near to the kitchen door.  Hurray! Then Erik had one more go with the AGA, and behold, it lit up and stayed lit.  Panic over.

Our pictures are very much our family photos – imagine cameras at ready on the chopping block, picked up suddenly in between putting the sprouts on and checking the Turkey when the photo opportunity arose.  Let’s face it, with little children, you never know how the pictures will turn out.  But we love them, and hope you do too.

Emily threatening to take over the cooking!

Little Emily decided she wanted to follow in the footsteps of big brother Archie, and help with the cooking, bless her.  But before long, she and Archie helped us put Mince Pies and Carrots on the hearth, to feed Father Christmas and Rudolf.  Then they realised that if they didn’t go to bed, Father Christmas may never come!

Father Christmas had come!!

The next morning, instead of one little girl in a big cot, and brother in the single bed, they were both cuddled up together in the bed, and their Mum giggled a she listened at the door as they were both laughing and shouting “Yo ho ho.  Yo ho ho.”

Downstairs we all piled, Christmas lights all twinkling, fire roaring, sun shining through the window (?) – Yes, this is England, the weather always surprises us.  The childrens’ faces exploded with surprise, then pleasure.  Presents, presents, presents.   How lovely just to sit and watch them.

Absolute concentration is called for!

Suddenly we all felt we were being watched!

Minnie looks terrified - should we be?

But no, thankfully it wasn’t from one of those wierd films.  And Emily had decided on a quick change, into her Angel’s outfit.

Archie's dad had been hailed a hero for building this castle!

But next, is this the first Angel to have a recording contract maybe?

Manager Archie instructs Angel Em how to tune guitar before singing into the microphone!

The Pictorial Story of Christmas will continue in a day or two.

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