More about Persian Leg of Lamb

Just thought I’d let you know more about our Persian Leg of  Lamb. Was it worth the bother?  Or worth the wait?

Yes it was.  It was fantastic!

Just about the most flavoursome and tasty dish I have ever had.  I just couldn’t believe how good the mixture of spicy, hot and sweet ingredients could diffuse together into such a stunning flavour. And the Leg of Lamb was so succulent and tender – it just fell to pieces in juicy chunks and shards of mouthwatering perfection.  I was so thrilled, and so was Erik.

But, my pictures of it couldn’t do it justice.  So please believe me when I say it was worth the wait for such a stunning dish.

The beauty of the whole cooking and eating experience was that a lot of the sauce was left over, plus a lot of the Leg of Lamb.  Some of the sauce was spooned into my freezer tubs, marked up as ‘Persian Lamb Sauce’, but I had a sudden idea about the rest of this delicious mixture.  The next day I decided to make Persian Shepherds’ Pie.  Take a look at these beauties.

Persian Shepherds' Pie
Persian Shepherds’ Pie

To make the remaining Lamb chunks and shards the perfect chopped-up size, I did something my Mum taught me.  Using my favourite old Magimix, I put the Lamb in the bowl with the chopping knife in place, then pressed the ‘Pulse’ button on and off  a few times very quickly.  It makes the meat into small pieces, but you have to be careful or you will end up with meat paste.  It worked perfectly for me this time, thank goodness.

So I spooned the ‘minced’ Lamb into individual buttered dishes, then ladled the Persian Sauce over the meat, enough to give it some decent moisture, but not too much, or it would have been all sauce and not enough meat. Deciding Mash was the perfect topping, I used some local Hornsea potatoes and a chunk of Butternut Squash, chopped them both up and boiled them together for about 20 minutes, until just beginning to break up in bits.  Next I drained the potatoes and squash really well, and just put them back over the heat on the hob (still in the pan) for 30 seconds to dry off a little. I added some warmed milk, a big knob of butter and salt and pepper, and then mashed them all up until smooth. The final touch was adding an egg, mixed in quickly to the mash whilst it was still warm. This helps the peaks of the mash to brown up in the oven, which I love.

My dishes of Persian Shepherds’ Pie went into the heated oven (180C/160Fan) for about 20 minutes.  I also heated up some of the Persian Lamb Gravy to serve up if we needed it.

The result was absolutely delicious.  Very filling, incredibly tasty, but what a treat for a Monday night’s evening meal.  Definitely one for my repertoire in the future. So it just shows you how all that effort for the Persian Leg of Lamb was more than worth it, and we will be enjoying the Persian Lamb Sauce every so often, in more interesting and flavoursome meals.

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