One Lost Appetite: Help!

One lost appetite:  Help!

This is definitely not a good thing to happen to a Food Blogger, especially to me, Astrid.  Lover of food, fine wines, (OK, cheap wines as well), meat, fish, shell-fish (not allowed at all at the moment),chocolate (too sweet now), even water!  This is all down to the latest Chemo drug I’m taking – a cruel drug to take, but one that is more than doing it’s job to help shrink my ‘lumps’, according to my lovely lady Doctor.

But one session on this drug totally took away my appetite – quite an unknown factor in my life. For about 10 days I found it very difficult to eat almost anything, and was desperate to drink, to stave off dehydration and I didn’t want to damage my healthy kidneys.  My voice went croaky. Even water, which I have always loved to drink, tasted foul!! I slept, even spent 3 days in my PJs and in bed.  I just went with the flow, and poor Erik was desperate to find something, anything that I could bear to eat or drink. Even my favourite Perrier Water was rejected. Then I remembered Robinson’s Original Lemon Barley Water, and added just a bit to ordinary water, and ‘Hurrah’, I could manage that.  I lost three-quarters of a stone in a week: not supposed to loose weight when doing Chemo, but hey-ho, my clothes all fit better. Bit by bit, some appetite came back, and I’ve been making up for lost time eating lovely things once more, because in a day or two, I go back for the second session of this ‘nasty’drug.

So, bearing in mind this is a food blog, I will regale you with what I ate this week to boost myself up just in case I have the same problem this month, and lose my appetite again.  Hopefully it won’t be as bad!!

Tuesday’s Main Meal – Crispy Duck and Pancakes

Crispy Duck and Pancakes
Crispy Duck and Pancakes
(courtesy of Woman and Home)

This was a great meal that Erik found for us.  He roasted the Duck, shredded it with 2 forks, and we ate it with lots of cucumber and salad onion strips, Hoi Sin sauce and the pancakes.  We ate until saturation point – the most I had eaten in 3 weeks in one meal.  How lovely to feel so full again.

Staal’s Smoked Salmon – Our Favourite

Favourite Smoked Salmon
Staal’s Cold Smoked Salmon

Tuesday and Wednesday’s lunch was full of goodness.  Thick slices of Rye Bread, topped with the ripest of Tomato slices and just sprinkled with freshly ground black pepper and a sprinkling of Maldon Salt, plus my favourite Smoked Salmon from Staal’s Smokehouse, topped with Cucumber slices and a dollop of Sour Cream plus a squeeze of Lemon.  It all tasted so healthy, tasty and gorgeous, especially to one who hadn’t enjoyed her food!!  As you can imagine.

Wednesday’s Meal:  Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips
Fish and Chips
(courtesy of Waitrose)

Now just remember, I am trying to build myself up again by eating these big meals, in the hope that they will keep me going if I lose my appetite so badly again this next few weeks.  So, in Hornsea, we are spoilt for choice with brilliant Fish and Chip shops.  This time we chose Harpers of Newbegin, Hornsea, to have their fish and chips, which they cook as you wait, so it is incredibly fresh.  As with many fish and chip shops, they give you so much for your money, and even I couldn’t finish it all.  They also make fresh Tartare Sauce, which is great.  So I more than indulged, even with ‘scraps’, my childhood favourite, being all the little crispy offcuts from the batter.  Saturation point was reached once more! A very happy Astrid, a very smiley one, just to feel full again.

So please, my faithful readers, bear with me over the next few weeks.  I will try and write up some posts – we are doing massive amounts (when I’ve the energy) with all parts of the garden.  I’ve planted part of my mini-orchard, and Erik is filling up our first raised bed with soil.  The grape-vine is sprouting leaves, the red, pink and white currants are looking good, the blueberries are getting flowers and the strawberries are covered in flowers, so I will get out the camera and take some shots.  The wood-fired oven is calling out to be used, and as soon as my appetite returns again after this next Chemo session this week, I will fire it up and get going with lamb, chicken, pizza and all manner of recipes to delight the senses.

So, it may be One Lost Appetite:  Help! again this next month.  Any tips would be grateful received if you have gone through a similar Chemo problem.

But will be back soon, to fill these pages with all manner of foodie offerings.  Keep watching.

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