Olives, Polka Dots, Great Britain – what next Emma Bridgewater?

From Olives and Polka Dots to Great Britain, whatever pattern will Emma Bridgewater come up with next?


A great deal of the tableware we use, ourselves, at home (and hence is used in our photos) comes from the remarkable Emma Bridgewater.  Take, for instance, the Polka Dot Pasta Bowl and the Polka Dot 1/2 pint Mug I used in my blog about Granola.

Polka Dot Pasta Bowl – also great for Granola

Soon I will be writing a blog explaining how I came to know about Emma and started selling the original Classics such as ‘Olives’ and ‘Fig’ which I displayed on an old dresser in our own cookshop, Kitchen Emporium.  Then I thought “Never mind the shop dresser, the jugs, plates and bowls would look great on our own kitchen dresser”, so I began my own collection.

Over the years I have bought quite an eclectic mix of Emma’s patterns, from the everyday to the more refined Classic, but I love them all.  So I am thrilled by her latest one, Great Britain, with a cream background and a vivid blue softly-stylised map pattern.

Great Britain 1/2 Pint Jug - So vivid and specialI have a real thing about small jugs and teapots, so guess which will (hopefully) be used and displayed on my kitchen dresser quite soon.  This Great Britain 1/2 Pint Jug, if I’m lucky.

And below, what a fabulous Teapot.  This is the Great Britain Four Cup Teapot.  I just need my old one to have a chip on the lid, but the problem is that Emma’s teapots last forever.
Emma Bridgewater’s striking new ‘Great Britain’ Teapot

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