My Favourite Matthew Rice Mug

My Favourite Matthew Rice mug is this one, his ‘Year in the Country 2012′, which echoes the creative, fun style of his classic ‘Year in the Country’ calendars (which I buy every year for us, family and our best friends). The Mug and the calendar together would make a great present for someone special.

I’ve never had one of his ‘Year in the Country’ mugs, but hopefully one day I will. I just love his illustrations, and quirky characters, and his imagination is wonderfully original. As the husband of Emma Bridgewater, Matthew’s talents are complementing Emma’s superb designing skills, and the Emma Bridgewater range of products just gets better and better. If you want a closer look or more information at My Favourite Matthew Rice Mug or any of the Emma Bridgewater products, click below.

For a closer look at Matthew’s mug, Click Here for a link to the Emma Bridgewater site.

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