Mousserons, a culinary forest adventure in a car park

First of all, meet the dedicated people from Autumn Harvest. They travel the length of Yorkshire to Farmers’ Markets, Food Fairs and Festivals throughout the year. The range and variety of their funghi is brilliant, their knowledge is ever expanding, their fresh cooked free samples are delicious and they are infectiously friendly and happy. Of course they are. They know where all the mushrooms are hidden.

They haven’t yet got a website but to find out where you can meet them and their earthy fayre you can call them on 07837630145 or email them at


OK, here comes the science bit (picture Jennifer Aniston, swishing her hair): Mousseron mushrooms are delicious small wild mushrooms from France. They have a wonderful flavor with a soft and chewy texture, reminiscent of Porcini mushrooms.
A small, bell-shaped wild mushroom with an off-white to beige-brown colour with lacy, deep gills and very thin stems, the mousseron mushroom is rather full-bodied for its size and has a fleshy texture and earthy flavor. Its long, narrow stem is tough, but edible.
 Nutritionally beneficial, mushrooms provide a source of riboflavin, niacin, potassium, phosphorus, thiamin, protein, fat, carbohydates, copper and dietary fibre.

And recipes: Frankly we think the best recipe is to fry them in olive oil and black pepper them on a piece of toast like Robin Ellis did. Visit his blog (link below).

Or go for Paul Richardson’s  version of a “rich, dark and flavorful beef stew, known as fricandó in Spain” (also link below).

And the reading list from books we treasure. If you just get one, get Carluccio. We met him at the Malton Food Festival, search his name on our blog to see the photos and Festival review.

And finally, the what do we do with them and all their forest friends section Tip: Get a combined mushroom brush and knife. They are not dear and are well fit for purpose. Always cut the stems off mousserons as the texture is stringy, and washing mushrooms dilutes their flavour. The knife from Divertimenti.


Complete Mushroom Book: The Quiet Hunt – Anthony Carluccio



Mushrooms:  River Cottage Handbook No. 1 – John Wright

The Complete Book of Mushrooms:  An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Edible Mushrooms & Over 100 Delicious Ways to cook them, with Over 799 Colour Photographs – Peter Jordan & Steven Wheeler

For Robin’s story of Mousseron and a kindly neighbour:

For a dramatic rich casserole:!raqP!vhl6nF9Mv2PFhdzIA!/Braised-Beef-with-Mushrooms

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