Recipes for My Mother’s Day Treat?

Not sure what is going to happen on Mother’s Day for me.  Not sure if there will be any Recipes for My Mother’s Day Treat. Some of the family have been suffering horrendous colds and sinus infections, so have been warned away from Hornsea, so that they don’t spread their infections to yours truly. Undergoing Chemotherapy means I’m incredibly susceptible to flu or infections, as my immune system is affected by the Chemo drugs.   (Despite that, I’m doing brilliantly and feel so healthy! Strange, isn’t it. Long may it last!)

But I may see my granddaughters, the Twinnies, two and a half year-old Bella and Tilly, as their mum, Amelia, is driving to East Yorkshshire to see her mum and grandma, and I have been invited over to have a mini ‘Ladies (& Twinnies) Lunch. Should be fun.  Erik will be left in peace to enjoy working in the garden.

But I came across some great recipes that I, personally, would love to eat, so I thought I’d share them with you. I will tell you about the Menu and Recipes for My Mothers’ Day Treat, but the actual recipes will follow this post.

Menu for My Mothers’ Day Treat

Cold Smoked Salmon

with a twist of Lemon and Sprinkling of Black Pepper.


Rack of Lamb with Swiss Chard

Sauteed Lyonnaise Potatoes

Lamb Jus with Madeira


Chocolate Hazelnut Torte


Espresso Coffee plus Glass of Grappa


Now, that to me would be absolute Heaven, food wise of course!

Cold Smoked Salmon
Cold Smoked Salmon from Staal Smokehouse

First of all, it would have to be a platter of my favourite Cold  Smoked Salmon, or maybe Gravalax, from the brilliant Staal Smokehouse, just down the road and round the roundabout from us near Hornsea. This Cold Smoked Salmon is dry cured before smoking, with a blend of oak and apple.  This is the best Smoked Salmon I have ever tasted, and has a beautiful subtle smoky flavour, not the usual heavy -handed, almost artificial smoked flavour that I find overpowering in most smoked salmon. I love to serve this salmon either very simply, with lemon juice and a sprinkling of freshly ground black pepper, or on little Blinis, with Sour Cream and Caviar (well, fish eggs in our house), or make the Crunchy Croutons as I did at Christmas, a dollop of Sour Cream and Lemon or Lime Zest.

Gravalax – from Staal Smokehouse

But just as appetising and subtle is the Gravalax.  Apart from the fact that I, personally, adore Gravalax, and with Erik’s Swedish heritage, this is a favourite in our house.  The Salmon is cured for two days, using a traditional Swedish  recipe,  using aromats and fresh dill, and is just totally delicious, especially served with a segment of fresh lime and the traditional Dill and Mustard Sauce.  I defy anyone not to love this Gravalax!

And every time I eat the Cold Smoked Salmon or Gravalax, I tell myself that this food adds to my healthy lifestyle, and is good for my brain and my bones etc.  Staal Smokehouse do a wide range of home-cured fish and foods with a very clear and concise website, with a mail-order shop incorporated, plus a listing or all the local food markets they attend,  so well worth a look.

Well, that’s my ideal starter for a Mothers’ Day Banquet.

Next on the list, taken from Gourmet magazine, is a delicious recipe that gets my tastebuds going just looking at the picture.

Rack of Lamb with Swiss Chard Recipe

Rack of Lamb with Swiss Chard
Rack of Lamb with Swiss Chard Recipe
Gourmet magazine

This dish, of double-thick lamb chops and earthy, grassy Swiss Chard, is complimented by the tang of Dijon mustard and sweet raisins.  Partnered with Sauteed Lyonnaise Potatoes and a Lamb Sauce or Jus flavoured with a subtle hint of Madeira, I want this right now!

And the piece de resistance would be this next dish.

Chocolate Hazelnut Torte Recipe

Chocolate Hazelnut Torte
Chocolate Hazelnut Torte Recipe
Gourmet Magazine

This crunchy, crispy Torte could be accompanied with a big spoonful of freshly picked raspberries and/or Creme Fraiche mixed with a tiny hint of brandy, or a rich and creamy Vanilla ice-cream. Yum!

Obviously the little espresso and a glass of Grappa would make me sit back and remember our days enjoying the old farmhouse near Lucca, in Tuscany, Italy.  Oh, those were the days ……

So, that’s my dream Recipes for My Mothers’ Day Treat.  Maybe next year, when the whole family can descend on us at Hornsea, when I’m back to normal (whatever normal is!) I will cook this myself, for all of them and me.  Sort of ‘sharing the love’.   Sometimes, as a Mum and Granny, I just love sitting around the table, full of family and friends, knowing I’ve made a circle of my favourite people very happy. It’s almost better than eating my own food, just watching them enjoy it. Well …… almost!!

Don’t forget, the recipes follow this post, right now.  Enjoy!

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