We Have a Lounge!

We have a lounge!  At long last!  One room in the house that doesn’t make us feel ashamed when friends or family arrive.  One room down, only nine to do now.

But how lovely to sit in our newly decorated lounge, in front of our glowing new log burner, and turn the lights and lamps up and down with our stylish dimmer switches.  We are just waiting for Erik to get the glass shelves for the alcoves (painted in Sash Red), then I can unpack some of my treasured bits and pieces so lovingly packed up last year.  These have been sitting patiently in all manner of packing boxes for over a year, so hopefully all that bubble wrap that I cosseted them in will have done its job, and they will still all be in tact.

So here are some pictures of our lounge, before and after, with a bit in between.

A very green lounge - not really our colour.
Looking round the lounge before we bought the house.

Me in the glasses, talking to Tammy who was looking after the house whilst it was up for sale. This was November 2012, a damp day, but the promise of a lot of light came through the big bay window facing south.  The green colour didn’t suit anything we had, and we knew we wanted a log burner, so it was all going to have to change.  But we moved in January 2013, in thick snow and ice, and the house was warm, thank heavens.  We waited until September 2013 to start the renovation, beginning with knocking out a big hole for the log burner.

What a horrendous mess - knocking a hole in the wall.
Ever wish you’d never started something? I did!

All our furniture was piled up in the middle of the room, under cover and plastic.  But we got filthy and dusty, just giving our brilliant workmen cups of tea, and clearing up every day.  My hair went grey with the dust, and our sinuses suffered, but we had made a start.  Each evening Erik and I sat in the still box-filled front room, with our TV on the window shelf and the dog in her bed wondering why she had to share her already cluttered room with us.  Plus we had utilised 2 chairs to collapse on, one comfy, one not, so at 9.00 pm (if we were still awake), we did a swap.  What fun!!  But we told ourselves it was going to be worth it, honest.

The next picture shows us that all that mess, all those hours spent taking out the picture rail, stripping, filling, sanding and painting had worked.  For us anyway.  We loved it, straightaway. I chose the colours, and after much thought chose a Light and Space paint called Coral Lustre, which as I put it on, looked very pale pink to me, not Coral.  But Erik said he trusted me (lucky me) so we kept painting.  But I knew that I wanted a strong contrast, so the Sash Red paint for the alcoves and the log burner space worked brilliantly with our furniture and cushions.

Our log burner and oak mantlepiece.  Lovely.
This is what all the mess was about. I love it.

This last picture shows the lounge at the moment.  We are going to get a new settee and a matching sofa bed in the reddy brown colour (almost the same as the alcoves), and the old settee is trotting up the M62 to Barnsley, to Paddy, Nicola and family.  We’re amused that we are recycling our bits and pieces – the black cuckoo clock used to be in my beautiful bedroom in Hessle, but is now over the log burner.  The clear acrylic mirror, on the wall behind the settee, is in transit, waiting for our new Garden Room to be built in spring, hopefully, and the clear Bougie lamps will go with the mirror.  Our bright cushions used to belong in what we had called our ‘Red Room’ in Hessle, but look great in our new lounge.  See what you think.

Our brilliant new lounge.
We have a Lounge, and we love it.

So all we need is our clear glass shelves for the alcoves, complete with my ‘bits and pieces’ displayed artisticly, and either some blinds or curtains.  We are just working out what to have.  But this room is already warm and cosy on a cold winter’s night in Hornsea – the dimmer switches for the uplighters and the alcoves help us create whatever atmosphere we want.

At last our Lounge, fit to live in!
Our almost finished Lounge.

Wait a minute – we now have the glass shelves and I’ve been ‘playing’ with some of our favourite ceramics and glassware.  That display knowledge I gained when working in those kitchen and tableware shops will now be dusted off and used once more.  Hope you like the look of it.

So that’s it for now.   And we love it.

We have a Lounge.

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2 Responses to We Have a Lounge!

  1. Martie Sisson November 17, 2013 at 8:47 pm #

    Hi Angela & Thom. WOW What a transformation of your Lounge it is FANTASTIC.
    You both will be pleased with it. I love the Fire place in the Dinning Room as well as the Lounge. Colours are great shows the brightness of the room. Keep me informed on the rest of the renovations. Take Care both of you.
    Cheers Martie

  2. Astrid November 18, 2013 at 8:17 am #

    Hi Martie,
    Glad you like the lounge – it looks a bit different from when you stayed with us! We love it, it seems quite spacious, and it’s very cosy. A good job because snow is expected this week, but we are ready for it. Just waiting to pick the builder to do our Garden Room extension next spring. Now that should be fun. Keep well, and love to all.
    ‘Astrid’ XXX

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