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The other day a large ‘thump’ landed on my doormat.  Wondering what on earth it was that could make such a noise, I was amazed to see it was the new Lakeland catalogue.  Huge, enormous, bigger than ever.  So I turned the iron off (any excuse!) and found a comfy chair, which is hard to do in our house in Hornsea at the moment, because we are ‘renovating’ (it seems more like ‘trashing’ really).

But honestly, this Lakeland catalogue is HUGE.  Couldn’t believe it.  244 pages of incredibly inventive pieces of cookware, decorations, equipment and electrical wizards to make even the most impressive cook impressed.  This catalogue has a picture of Meringue Kisses, in 2 colours, on the front of it. The enormous Lakeland Catalogue
The enormous Lakeland Catalogue

These two colours are magically merged by the Lakeland Duo Colour Icing Kit, and they’ve even bought out the similar kit with a Large Nozzle. Cakes decorated with Lakelands Duo Colour Icing kit
Cakes decorated with Lakelands Duo Colour Icing kit

The fun we’re going to have with this.  There is so much in this Lakeland Catalogue, and if you want to have either the paper catalogue or just have a browse online, click on this link straight through to Lakeland.  Enjoy it.  I certainly did.  My shopping list is growing.

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