Kitchen Garden, Orchard, Recipes all coming soon.

It’s all happening in Hornsea. Kitchen Garden, Orchard, Recipes all coming soon.  

But just to let you know, the Chemo is going very well, and I am now the proud owner (I think) of a shaved head, a wig, lots of fun hats and experiments with scarves, more eye-make up and big earrings (to compensate for loss of hair). Erik was surprised how nice he thought I looked with no hair (or is it that he realises that I won’t be ‘faffing about with it for ages’ in the morning. No, that’s unkind of me, he really does approve.  Pictures may appear if I’m confident enough!!

Kitchen Garden & Orchard News:

Tempura Vegetables

Tempura Vegetables

Just a quickie to tell you that we have been doing loads of hard work (with a little help from our friends) in the Kitchen Garden area of our garden, cleared out ivy, weeds, scrubby wild bits and pieces, chopped a lot of overhanging branches off (great for the log burner), put strong but stylish fencing up and are raring to go.  I’ve been planting seeds like mad, (oh, for a greenhouse soon please), and Erik is perfecting his designs for the raised beds (with a little help from yours truly of course).

Because we have cleared the far end of the garden, pictures coming soon, we can definitely have a mini-orchard, and next year a wild flower meadow with a path meandering through the fruit bushes and trees.  Should be fun.


Getting together a lot of very tasty and delicious recipes, using some of the produce we will be growing this year. My favourite Mara du Bois French Strawberries will be coming into their own this summer, and my Gloire de Sablon Pink Red Currants will be gracing many a summer dessert, with their sweet, pale pink berries mixed with the general Red and White currants.  I love how their strings of pearl-like berries make any dessert look like a million dollars!  Artichokes, green and purple, Lovage, Angelica, green and Red have a special bed for big vegetable and herb plants. Can’t wait to use the fruits of these plants for especially yummy meals.  Plus Courgettes, Peppers, Elderberries and many other vegetables and herbs make wonderful light Tempura battered dishes, partnered with maybe a lemony mayonnaise or a herbed and garlicky greek yoghurt.  All these coming up soon.

Plus more about my shortlist for Range Cookers as opposed to Built In ones, and hobs etc, so keep watching.  There’s a lot going on in Hornsea right now.  I just have to get up earlier and earlier to write the blog, because I just love to get outside, weather permitting.

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