Kitchen Garden Bounty Never Ends

The Kitchen Garden Bounty never ends – there is always something to pick, to wash, to chop, to cook and then … to eat.

Our own Roasted Tomato & Garlic soup

Our tomatoes are still ripening, and last week I thought ‘Time for Roasted Tomato and Garlic Soup’ for lunch and the freezer.  We have to use them all up, some way or another.  Admittedly it was rather hot in East Yorkshire for soup, but I needed to make it and Erik wanted to eat it, so eat it we did.

We still have a tray full of all shapes and sizes on the garden table, and last week’s incredibly sunny weather has really helped.  Still some more on the vines, but hopefully they will be bright red in a day or two, before winter sets in. (Oh yes, according to the weathermen !!)  One minute woolly jumpers, next we are in sundresses, and then apparently it’s back to winter clothes by the end of this week!!

The other produce we have done really well with is (I hardly dare mention it again) our Pink Lady apples.  I was researching recipes for Apple Sauce and I came across an Australian blog written by a lady called Erin.  Her blog address is:

I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing her recipe with you.  It’s called ‘Spiced Apple Sauce with Calvados‘ and is a mixture of the traditional recipe but with a spicy lift. It just sounded rather different, and tastes gorgeous with the addition of spices and Calvados.

Bring on the slow roasted Belly Pork, or a lovely leg or loin of Roast Pork with Crackling.  This Apple Sauce will go a treat with it.  Also with Crispy Skinned Duck Breast.  I often throw a spoonful into casseroles, sauces or gravies and the Spiced Apple Sauce with Calvados goes with chicken and turkey as well.


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