Just can’t resist this Christmas Gravy Jug & Stand

Just can’t resist this Christmas Jug & Stand which is part of the new Christmas pattern ‘Joy’ by my favourite tableware lady, Emma Bridgewater.

This Gravy Jug and Stand is definitely going to be on my Christmas Present wish list (or dream list).

‘Joy’ Gravy Boat & Stand – perfect for Christmas sauces

Decorated by hand in the Emma Bridgewater factory in the historic home of fine pottery and tableware, Stoke-on-Trent, a town given a new lease of life by Emma’s successful and innovative company.

This ‘Joy’ Gravy Boat and Stand is such a great shape, it looks so rounded makes me want to stroke it (don’t know why!), but it is a tactile shape.  Just love it.

I imagine it piled high with Cranberry Sauce, or filled with steaming Turkey gravy, made rich with the addition of a big glug of my Christmas sherry. Or filled with thick cream, or rich vanilla custard for the Christmas Pudding.

The fabulous Comport in the new ‘Joy’ pattern

Talking about puddings, what about this fabulous Emma Bridgewater Comport in ‘Joy’.  I imagine this with a lovely Christmas gateaux, or your imaginatively iced Christmas Cake (mine was covered in cut-out snowflakes and reindeers last year), or my favourite idea would be to pile it high with spicy mince pies, sprinkled with icing  sugar mixed with a tiny bit of silver or gold edible powder – magic!

There are a mix of imaginative shapes of tableware, textiles and napkins in the new Christmas ‘Joy’ shape, so if you want to see them all, please click here.

So if you just can’t resist this Christmas Gravy Jug and Stand, or the Comport or the other new items in this new Christmas pattern, ‘Joy’, put it on your Christmas list now, like me.

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