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Join Our Wine Club – We would love to share it with you.

We are so excited. The launch of of our wine club with Geoff Walker. And to start us off he has 20 superb, single estate wines at January sale prices – don’t miss this opportunity. Click this fast track: Go straight to the sale.

Guaranteed : Next day delivery in the UK mainland.

We are not wine snobs. We do not spend huge amounts on a vintage bottle but we don’t buy wine boxes either. Usually we buy medium priced wines from a supermarket and, for the record, we particularly enjoy the friendly help and advice we get from the staff at Waitrose.

However, some 15 years ago we met our friend Geoff Walker who is a wine merchant. Over the years he has patiently guided us through the world of better quality, single estate, privately imported wines which we buy from him. And we are not talking expensive. Usually only two or three pounds sterling above the off the shelf alternative.Take the example of a Merlot Basso Brunello, 2009. A high level of soft fruit flavour with a soft, sleek, elegant finish – at only £7.00 a bottle.

Geoff has finally opened an on-line shop where you will be able to browse his cellars and buy memorable wine at great value for money prices. But for now Geoff is inviting the readers of our blog to ‘join the club’. By using the contact below you will be added to the list of people who can buy his wonderful exclusive wines as well as be  sent information about special offers,classic wines and even escorted trips in Europe. Three to four day breaks eating and drinking at estates and vineyards not normally accessible to the public.

He’s a lovely guy is our Geoff.   Click here to join Geoff for a glass or two of the wines we love.

Guaranteed : Next day delivery in the UK mainland.

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