How Time Flies ……

How Time Flies ……

The well-used expression, How Time Flies, is used so much in conversation, often when two people have spent a few minutes (or hours) of reminiscing about the past.  But the past can be yesterday, a few months ago or years gone past. Who hasn’t used it some time or another? Time flying past is a very personal thing, and today I suddenly realised that for me the last four years have flown by.

Four years ago last week, Erik and I had packed up everything we owned and moved, lock stock and the proverbial barrel, to Hornsea, on the edge of the North Sea, in East Yorkshire. We left our beautiful but big three-storey Victorian house, near the Humber Bridge in Hessle,

Our amazing house. – How Time Flies –
Our amazing house.

and traversed the snow-laden and dangerous icy roads of East Yorkshire to arrive at our much smaller 1920’s cottage, just as the light disappeared from the snow-filled sky.  How we managed to fit all those boxes and pieces of furniture, plus all our cookware, into our new little house and garage, I’ll never know. But we did, and, being honest, have only just finished sorting it all out.

I decided to write a few blog posts about that harrowing but exciting time, and if you want to catch up with it, click here.  This will take you back to August 2012, the start of Downsize Diary (Week One), and the posts continue through to the next year.

That was just over four years ago.  We settled into our Hornsea house (but we lived with big boxes in the lounge for a few months), and in the summer we decided it was time to knock the lounge fireplace out to make room for a log-burner. Now, that made a mess!!

Ever wish you'd never started anything? – How time flies –
Ever wish you’d never started anything?

But it was worth it in the end.  Thank goodness.

This is what all the mess was about. I love it. – How Time Flies –
This is what all the mess was about. I love it.

It is really amazing How Time Flies.  I can’t believe, looking at the picture above, that it was just under four years ago that we put our new fireplace in. And in that first year, we made so many plans, as you do.

But, as some of our older followers may know, in the following January, 2013, a big hiccup occurred.  Out of the blue, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, but very quickly was taken into the folds of the amazing Castle Hill Hospital in Willerby, a Centre of Excellence.

Everything had to be put on hold – the extension to the house was cancelled on the orders of the hospital, which meant any plans for a new kitchen were tossed in the bin! I had to curtail digging and planting in my new Kitchen Garden, much to my dismay, when the ‘nasty’ Chemotherapy drug knocked me for six at the same time as it was shrinking my tumours, and poor Erik has to try and find food that I could stomach, poor man.

It all seems like a dream now, and I must say, all at the hospital were brilliant, and made it as bearable as possible. I appreciate that I was very, very lucky. I’ve just had my second year “All Clear”, feeling fitter and am just raring to get going again in the garden, and get on with the rest of the house.

September 2015 saw the start of our new extension, at long last, which was going to be the home of our new kitchen, when we could afford it.  Erik and myself put on our very messy painting clothes and made a fairly decent attempt at painting the new walls. Just occasionally I thought, “Aren’t I too old to do this?”  But it was a question of “If we paint it, we can spend more money on the cooker,” so we had no option.  Actually, it became a labour of love.

Astrid painting the new kitchen – How Time Flies –
Astrid painting the new kitchen

It was a great space, and for a year it was a very big room which we filled with our old furniture and table and bits and pieces – a sort of recycling for a temporary year.

Our fabulous new empty room.
Our fabulous new empty room.

And, How Time Flies, that fabulous new empty room has become our fabulous new kitchen! Aren’t we the lucky ones.  It has only taken four years, but it definitely is worth waiting for. In the next few weeks, I will write up a post all about the kitchen, with loads of photos.

For the last bit in our post of How Time Flies, I just have to add this one, I can’t escape it, really, can I.  I had a big, big birthday in September 2016, and I had a great time.

Astrid with Balloons. – How Time Flies-
Astrid with Balloons.

Well, that was a quite interesting four years.  Some brilliant, just a bit not so good.  But as you can see, I’ve made it to a ripe old age, and Erik isn’t doing too bad either.  So let’s hope the next few years are just as gently exciting as the last few.  And with loads more kitchen and foodie news and recipes and anything at all about cookware and food, not forgetting kitchen gardens and Designer son, Anthony’s, fabulous cookbooks. Keep watching.

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