How the Kitchen Garden evolved … Part One

How the Kitchen Garden evolved … Part One

Our first shed on a shared allotment

From this … an allotment shed, complete with allotment worked by our friend, Sandra.  A few years ago, she asked us if we would like to share it with her, and that was our first real taste of ‘growing our own’.   After 2 or 3 three years, and a lot of laughs and hard work,  Erik and I had a ‘Eureka’ moment.  We realised  that with a bit of effort and re-organisation, we had space in our own garden to have a Kitchen Garden.  So from our first shared shed to this (or these) …

Our ‘beach-huts’

We had lived here for 12 years, putting up with 2 very ugly but huge asbestos garages, which basically became store rooms for anything and everything. They were about 22 foot (just over 7 mtrs) in length. They had double doors opening on to about 11 foot (3.2mtrs) of ugly concrete, into our ‘tenfoot’ – an East Yorkshire term for a lane or alley 10 foot wide.

We had to get rid of the garages, and the dangerous asbestos, extend our garden fences to the end of our land, and figured out how to have raised beds that would cope with a concrete base.  This was going to be some project!

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