Healthy Food makes Happy Kids

Healthy Food make Happy Kids ?  Perhaps that’s not entirely true.

Certainly Unhealthy food makes unhappy kids. You will know that if you have ever had to deal with a child who has overdone the candy cupboard and is so full of e-preservatives that they are going through mood swings like a thrashing fish.

Healthy food has to be eaten or it doesn’t take effect. That may seem obvious but remember kids ain’t born to love broccoli. You have to work at it for them.

It was Jamie Oliver who famously said that to get kids to eat healthily you have to involve them in the process of making their own food.

We tried it. It works. And you can follow our grandson, Jay, on his personal food adventures from bespoke gravy to “Yorkshire Volcanoes” via the kitchen garden.

In this section of our blog we will be sharing our adventures of discovery in creating healthy food that makes kids happy from home-made organic baby food to coaxing adolescents into consuming their 5 fruit and veg a day.

So where do you start?  You start the day right for young ones and old alike, try out this recipe for our own Granola.

At lunch, veg makes happy faces too.

Also, while you are thinking about little ones and their cuisine try having a look at My Daddy Cooks, a lovely book, a great story and some great recipes.



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