Happy Christmas to All.

Happy Christmas from Astrid and Erik
Happy Christmas to All.

We just want to wish all our readers a Happy Christmas, wherever you may be in the World.  Our thoughts go out to those who’s lives are not perfect, or in turmoil, and we just hope that the year 2014 brings more peace and honesty into our World.

These are some of my favourite pictures from this year, just to remind me how good this year has been to me (even if I have had to work very hard for someone my age. And no, I’m not telling you how old I am!)

First, our new garden (or was is jungle?) in Hornsea.

Me chopping down anything!
Astrid doing some serious chopping.

Next  – we have a bonfire, or was that three bonfires, dotted around the garden?

A huge bonfire.
Yet another bonfire. Where’s Guy Fawkes?

But out of this chaos, comes an Asparagus Bed.

Our Asparagus Bed.
My Asparagus Bed, made by Erik

We used the site of one of our bonfires to place the Asparagus Bed.  The cinders from the fire had scorched the grass and weeds underneath so we raked what was left of the ashes over the area, I proceeded to dig and prepare the ground, then plant the Asparagus crowns, and then Erik built the wooden structure around it.  For the full story,  search for Asparagus Bed in the ‘Search’ button. Fingers crossed for this next year, when we can just taste one or two spears of this lovely juicy vegetable.

Next, my favourite tulips, Angelique, had survived our move and the cold winter. A touch of Spring, at last.

Favourite tulips
Favourite tulips came to life.

 Then we discover Hornsea Mere, and it’s brilliant cafe.

Hornsea Mere Cafe
Hornsea Mere Cafe

Now closed until March 2014, the Hornsea Mere Cafe is a real find. Open from early morning to late afternoon, the food is brilliant. This was my breakfast one Sunday morning.

Fabulous breakkfast

Breakfast at the Cafe

But it was lovely to surprise grandson Jacob and we allowed him to have a giant hot dog and chips for his special breakfast. Indulgent grandparents or what!!

Jacob's favourite breakfast!
Grandson Jacob enjoying a Hot Dog breakfast at the Cafe

Geese and ducks and allsorts flocking towards me for some bread.

Feeding the birds.
Astrid feeding the ducks and geese at the Mere.

The photo above is me feeding the amazing birds at the Mere.  Photo shot by my very talented ‘daughter in law’ Nicola Dawes.

This shows the ethereal and ancient beauty that is Hornsea Mere.

Hornsea Mere
The real beauty of Hornsea Mere

Little Emily came to stay, and we baked Chocolate Buns.  Emily just wanted to check they tasted OK for me to eat.  They did!

Emily eating chocolate buns
Emily had just checked her chocolate buns were good enough.

Next, grandson Jacob and his little brother, grandson Archie, having a cuddle (or is that a wrestle?)

Jacob and Archie
Jacob and Archie

Then we began our renovations.  From this ……

From this lounge …...
From this lounge …….

To this ……

To this!
To this!

And now?  Suddenly a year has gone – the fears of where we were going to live have disappeared, and the fact that we love our home and Hornsea more than we ever thought we would have bought a smile to both our faces.  So we are going to have the first Christmas in our new home – OK, we only have one smart room, but we do have time to make the other rooms better – and we are going to share our Christmas with family and friends.  So Happy Christmas from us, and we hope you all have a lovely time.

So now, once more, for our little white Christmas Tree to sign us out.

Love our little tree.
Our Little White Christmas Tree

Happy Christmas to All. XX





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