Happy Christmas to All

Happy Christmas to All

Wherever you are, whatever religion you may be (or none), I just wanted to wish everyone a Very Happy Christmas, and a Happy New Year.  Wish you food to enjoy with family and friends, fun and laughter, love to give and share, and peace and hope for the future.

In England, we are all trying to economise to help us pay our bills, but in some countries life is so much harder, and we really feel for you.  Let’s hope violence and hatred can be overcome somehow, and one day, in the words of John Lennon, the World can live in Peace.  Whatever your God is, may he bring you Love and Peace very soon.

My favourite picture of Christmas at our house in 2005.  Let it bring a smile to your face, as it does to mine.Happy Christmas to All – wherever in the world you live, and God Bless.

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