Happy Christmas to All.

Christmas Present Time Again!Happy Christmas to All

Well, it’s that time of year again, and I just want to wish all our readers a very peaceful and happy Christmas, and let’s hope 2017 will be a year when the World sorts itself out, and spends more time, energy and money on healing and rebuilding both countries and lives.

As for us, we are still building up our own lives, myself living with the silly end products of what was very successful chemotherapy treatment, in that I have thinner hair at the moment plus nails that split down the middle, but I can live with that. My energy and stamina is at long last returning, so there should be a lot to write about in the Kitchen Garden blogs for 2017! Watch this space.

And my kitchen ….. oh, my fabulous kitchen! I have a load of pictures on my Mac which I am sorting out to give a sort of day by day pictorial story of my kitchen being built, so in the new year I will write in depth about the choices of appliances, range cookers versus built in ovens, dishwashers and fridges etc. I’m still getting used to the ovens, and not burning too many dishes now, thank heavens.

As for recipes, and sharing them with you, it appears that readers from all over the world are cooking my Forcemeat Stuffing Recipe this year – at the present count over 621 people have looked at that recipe in the last 7 days – amazing! Just to add a bit of advice to the recipe, if you are doubling up the amounts of ingredients, and preparing the dry ingredients ahead of the big day, when you get it out of the freezer, judge whether or not to add an extra beaten egg to the dry mix – it really makes the stuffings fluffy.

My Forcemeat Stuffing

Happy Christmas to All – My Forcemeat Stuffing

Based on an original Mrs Beeton recipe, she would be very proud how Forcemeat Stuffing has been given such publicity in the year 2016 (she wrote about in in the middle of the 19th century).

Just browsing the statistics for the blog, food recipes appear to be the most popular topics (obviously) for a food blog, but we will be expanding and experimenting this next year with Outdoor Cooking (weather permitting), lots more Kitchen Garden and General Garden design, plus hopefully planning our Outdoor Kitchen (to allow us to cook outside even when the rain is pouring down in Hornsea). So loads to do to keep us both fit and busy.

But in just typing those words above, I am so aware how lucky we are, tucked away in this peaceful corner of England, travelling towards our old age – whilst so much of the world is going through unimaginable and almost unspeakable horrors.  Our hearts go out to all, and we hope that those in power experience a ‘Damascus’ moment (St. Paul style), and instead of putting all that money they expend on violence and murderous acts they use it to heal, build people’s lives and live in tolerance. Then we would have a fantastic world. Here’s hoping. 

Happy Christmas to All.

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