Our Giant Hollyhock

I just couldn’t resist putting this picture on our site.  Last Christmas, Nicola, my son’s partner, had a brilliant idea for my Christmas present.  She knew we were moving to a house with an enormous garden, so she gave me a Hollyhock to plant.  The information on the packaging said it would grow to about 6 feet.  Well, this plant suddenly appeared outside our Lounge window, and grew, and grew …… and grew some more.  It reminded me a bit of the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.  We have watched this plant as the buds appeared, then gently opened and produced the most beautiful pink flowers.  The buds started at the bottom and worked their way gradually to the top.  Incredible.

What a beautiful flower
Our Giant Hollyhock

Our giant Hollyhock is still flowering now, and I can almost touch the tip of the plant from our bedroom window – so whosoever wrote the instructions got it wrong.  It’s more like 8 – 9 foot tall.  These are the last few flowers that Erik snapped this morning.  What a great present.


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