Let them eat bread – a ‘rising prophet’ speaks

In the World of Food we have our deities and our devils. We have our Gordon Ramsays and we have our Fast Food temples. We also have our prophets – quiet people of vision who talk of better nutrition  that could be on the horizon.

We have found Patrick Crabtree (not that he was lost), an artisan baker who speaks of helping people to think about what they eat, of casting aside the notion that cheap, mass produced food is an achievement, of a time ahead when bread can be made in small enterprises nestled in the community – an organic part of local life.

We were fortunate enough yesterday to take part in a prototype day in what Patrick is calling his ‘Breaducation Programme’. Six enthusiastic foodies, including Astrid and I, spent a day at Feast Rising, Patrick’s Hull bakery, learning how to make a wholesome variety of delicious artisan breads.

His plan is to perfect the structure of the day and then run classes at the bakery on Sundays, when it is closed, for which he will charge a fee. He also plans to offer the same training to unemployed people in the community who feel they might benefit from acquiring new skills.

If you would like to find out more about our bakery adventure, as well as getting top tips  and full recipes for wholemeal loaf. light rye and caraway bread, rosemary and sea salt focaccia, pocket-sized pizzas, olive focaccia with garlic and fennel and light rye baton with sultanas and persian fennel then click:  Feast Rising Adventure


And yes, we did make all this between the two of us, from scratch, in only a few hours. Thanks to Patrick.

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