First Strawberries of Summer

First Strawberries of Summer:

We are almost up and running now with our site – just a few more tweaks should sort things out. Fingers crossed.

In between pouring over the computer screen for the last few weeks, Erik and myself have been furiously working and watering in the kitchen garden. Now is the time that literally all the fruits of our labours are plumping up, and in the case of our early strawberries, they are turning mouth-wateringly ruby red. Yesterday was very strange weather, and in between the sudden, piercing sun-shine which gave way to black clouds and quick, sharp bursts of heavy rain, we dashed up to the kitchen garden and picked the 6 ripe strawberries which were the first of the season.  After three years of being ‘head kitchen gardener’, I am getting better at spreading out produce into earlies, mids and late, to give us a longer season on any one fruit or vegetable. These strawberries are ‘Flamenco’, and are medium sized and very juicy.

Using crisp, sugary shortbread biscuits (bought from our local Farmer’s Market), thickly whipped double cream, and thinly-sliced strawberries sprinkled lightly with cinnamon sugar, we indulged ourselves. Abandoning our forks and spoons (because the biscuits were too crisp to cut) we resorted to eating with our fingers,  and apart from covering our hands and faces with cream, we had a lovely time.  Looking forward to more.

So our hard work is paying off, and our first strawberries of summer were, indeed, stunning.

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