Downsize Diary Weeks 3, 4, 5 ………..

Downsize Diary Weeks 3, 4, 5 ……..

And on and on the weeks go, paint tins battered and almost empty, paintbrushes almost worn out – (Me, definitely worn out!)  Believe it or not, the our house is almost as ready as it will ever be to show to potential buyers, and it has just been put on the market.  Erik and myself are stunned with the results of all our hard work – in fact it looks so good, we keep saying “Why are we moving?” We know we have done the right thing when our friends come to our front door, look inside and go “Wow!”

But we have been through all that.  It is time for a change, and our house needs a family to inhabit it, to play in it and fill it up again.  But we still have a huge amount of downsizing (or emptying cupboards and throwing out old clothes, not to mention our garden sheds !!!  So, what have we been up to?  Well ……

This is what all the fuss is about.

Our amazing house.

But hey, I mustn’t forget this also a food blog.

In between all our hard work painting, de-cluttering, scrubbing etc, Erik has been a very creative cook.  The thing is that I wake very early – I’m often on the computer at 5.30 am, blogging or getting rid of junk emails etc, then we work all day, hard physical work, so by 5.30pm I am usually done in, shattered, and,  I confess, if it was left to me, I wouldn’t bother to eat.

Preparing the Salmon En Croute

But Erik sleeps in until I wake him up, so he carries on for longer, and still has the energy to feed us, thank goodness.  We have had some brilliant meals recently.  Salmon En Croute, stuffed with Sultanas and Ginger, swimming in a small pool of a delicate but tangy Hollandaise Sauce and our own thinly sliced, steamed Runner Beans, finished off with melted butter and lemon zest. Absolutely gorgeous!

Who’s being playing with teaspoons?

Being the creative genius that he is, he shaped the puff pastry into a fish shape, and used a teaspoon to give the pastry ‘scales’.  Brushed with milk and whisked egg, this wonderful creature swam to our plates and was so tasty.

The golden Salmon En Croute – all crisp and so tasty

Erik originally found this recipe in a book by Nanette Newman, and if you read an earlier post, we were lucky enough to meet both Nanette and her brilliant husband, actor, film-producer and author, Bryan Forbes at the National Theatre.  But having an encyclopeadic knowledge of my vast amount of cookbooks, I remembered that Rick Stein had also shared his recipe with readers from his “Seafood Lover’s Guide” (Click here to see the book on Amazon) so it was Rick’s Salmon En Croute with Sultana and Ginger Stuffing that we very much enjoyed that night. Salmon is not my all-time favourite fish, but somehow the Ginger and Sultanas used in this stuffing diffuses the strength of the strong taste of Salmon, and brings to the dish the most sensational oriental but sweet flavour. I will post the recipe when I have finished this blog.

So, what else have we done?

Our Hall, stairs and landing are soon to lose that yellow.





Erik has changed the hall, stairs and landings from a slightly jaded yellow paint, looking like this ……….

Our Hall, freshly painted in “Soft Stone”









…… into this.  He painted from the front door, the hall, up the stairs to the half landing, up more stairs and somehow, suddenly, it all looked so good!



I’d better finish our Downsize Diary for now, and type up the Salmon En Croute with Sultana and Ginger Stuffing quickly.  I may type up my favourite Hollandaise recipe from the book I turn to whenever I need a classic sauce recipe, Michel Roux’s “Sauces” (Click here to see “Sauces” on Amazon).

Just typed up“Hollandaise Sauce” (Click on the name).

More Downsize Diary coming up soon ……

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