Downsize Diary: Weeks 10, 11, 12 ……

Downsize Diary:  Weeks 10, 11. 12 …

Just thought I’d let you all know our great news. Would you believe it? We’ve actually found our house in Hornsea.  A lovely 1920s/30s house, much smaller than our huge Victorian House, but set in a HUGE garden that we can turn into whatever we want.  It is 5 minutes walk away from the beautiful Hornsea Mere, and 7 minutes walk away from the beach.  Incredible!!  We can’t believe how lucky we are to have found this house.

We have just under 8 weeks before we (hopefully) move.  Everything is going ahead with solicitors, surveyors, removal men etc.  We get the packing boxes tomorrow, so today I’m turning my beautiful dining room into ‘The Packing Room”.  Sitting patiently in this room is a roll of bubblewrap taller than my 5 foot 3 inch frame!  It literally dwarves me. Cutting it is fun – I have to lay it on the floor in the hall, then it rolls out all over the beautiful encaustic tiles, with me chasing it with a pair of scissors.  Glad no-one can see me!

I’ll be covering my old oak dining table in a thick blanket so that no harm comes to its ancient wooden top.  Luckily it’s just the right height for me to stand and carefully pack all our many ornaments and more practical pieces. And it’s good to have a few weeks before Christmas to break the back of what is going to be a huge effort.  

Masses of sorting out is still going on.  I’ve told the family to come and have a look to see if they want odd things before we send them to the various charities.  ‘De-cluttering and throwing out’ I am now dreaming about!

We have decided that we will just move in and then stop for a breather for a few weeks, then the real planning starts.  Should be exciting – a totally new house to make ours, a new kitchen to plan (heaven for me!) and a garden to transform into whatever we want.  Aren’t we lucky!!  The sadness at leaving our lovely home for the last 16 years is being replaced by the excitement at being able to create another home for us.  Hope I have the energy to to this – I know I have the enthusiasm.  So ….. watch this space for more of Downsize Diary.


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