Downsize Diary …… only 17 days to go …… Help!

Downsize Diary …… only 17 days to go …… Help!

Where’s the time gone?  All those weeks ago, it seemed like we had ages to pack up our big old house, but now I’m trying not to panic.  And, truth be told, I’m a bit sick of packing.  But the upside is that I am also excited at the prospect of creating a home and garden all over again.  

Erik and I have called in favours from family and old friends.  My oldest friend, Dil, from North Wales, is coming over to join in our moving adventure – the perfect person to help us, and I’m sure she’ll round us up and keep us going when we are flagging.  And we always have lots of laughs with Dil, bless her.  But family are also coming, my sister Gina and husband,  and sort of family in the shape of my ex-husband and his wife (the latter being the mother of my daughter in law) – which is too complicated to explain!  Just accept it!

So, New Year’s Eve today, and both Erik and I are both suffering from the rotten cold that has attacked most of England.  It’s almost too easy to blame the weather, but we have to blame someone. So tonight, instead of getting ‘glammed up’ and putting on the finery, Erik and myself will probably fall asleep in front of the fire and the TV, crawl up to bed at 10.00pm and get up early for some more (boring) packing.

But next year – now that will be a different matter!

So, Downsize Diary hasn’t got long to go, but I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year, and hope that 2013 will be a lot better than 2012 for all of us.  Peace, health and happiness, plus less worries about recessions etc would go down well.  And as for us, we have found a brilliant lady, Katrina of Kat Prouductions in Beverley, who is going to help us re-hash our blog and teach me how to manage it more efficiently.  So watch this space, as they say.  And have a great New Year’s Eve.


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